Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bertie County, NC Deed Book D 1730-1734

pg. 30. John WORSLAND & wife Margrett of Roanoak to James BARNES, Nov. 4, 1733. 20 pds. for 100 a. In "Roanoke Precinct." Adj. Richard BRASSWELL, Charles STEVENSON, Samuel CANADY. Wit: Elizabeth CANADY, Arch. THOMPSON, Robert RUFFIN, jurat. February Court 1733.

pg. 35. Thomas HOBBEY of Edgecombe Precinct to John JENKINS of Edgecombe Precinct. Feb. 12, 1733/34. 20 pds. On Yurahaw Swamp adj. John BLACKMAN, William BRASSWELL. Wit: Charles HORNE, Joseph SUMNER. February Court 1733/34. John WYNNS.

pg. 53. Samuel CANADAY of Edgecombe Precinct to Charles STEVENSON. Sep. 5, 1733. 80 pds. for 100 a. On NS Marratock River adj. Arthur WHITEHEAD, Richard BRASSWELL. Part of tract formerly granted William WHITEHEAD for 195 a. dated April 1, 1723. Wit: John HART, Benjamin STEVENSON, Mary FRAIZAR. May Court 1734. John WYNNS D.C/C.

pg. 149. Samuel THOMAS & wife Elizabeth to John BOYD. Oct. 24, 1734. 60 pds. for 150 a. "where said Samuel now lives" On SS Yawrahaw Swamp. Part of tract granted William BRASSWELL "Aprill 1, 1706. On WS Quankey branch "above the old field." Wit: John DICKINSON, jurat, Daniel DICKINSON, John CROWELL, Andrew IRWING. May Court 1735. John WYNNS D.C/C.

pg. 150. William BRASSWELL of Edgecombe Precinct to "the Reverend John BOYD John BOYD doth now dwell" on SS Yawrahaw Swamp at mouth of Great Branch adj. Robert BRASSWELL on Poplar Branch. Part of tract of 600 a. granted Wm. BRASSWELL April 1, 1714. Wit: Alexander WIGHT, jurat. May Court 1735.

pg. 172. John BONDE to Josiah COOPERLY "Late of Baltimore County in the Province of Maryland" May 5, 1735. 25 pds. for 540 a. On NS Meheron River adj. Mary BRASSWELL, ____ FAULK, John CHESHIRE. Patent to Samuel ELSON March 26, 1723. Wit: James CASTELLAW, Peter WEST. May Court 1735. Robert FORSTER C/C.

pg. 175. Joseph WIMBERLY to James BARNS May 13, 1735. 45 pds. for 140 a. Adj. Richard BRASSWELL "by the Meadowside." Wit: John DAWSON, William WILLSON, William KILLINGSWORTH. May Court 1735.

pg. 223. John DUFFIELD to Capt. Thomas BRYANT. Sep. 13, 1735. 5 pds. for 50 a. On NS Bridgers Creek. "...formerly Volentine BRASSWELL's & Cullen POLLOCK's corner..." By grant to Volantine POPE conveyed to John DUFFIELD. Wit: Peter WEST, Edward OUTLAW, John LEASEY. November Court 1735. John WYNNS D.C/C.

pg. 247. Robert EVANS to Nicholas FAIRLESS. April 1735. 60 pds. for 640 a. Adj. William MAUL on Killam Swamp at Treddle KEEFE's corner adj. James BONs. Granted to John CHERRYHOLME on April 6, 1722 now due Robert EVANS by an order of council. Wit: John BRASSWELL, Christopher ZEHN. February Court 1735. John WYNNS D.C/C.

pg. 284. John DUFFIELD to William BODDIE. Feb. 13, 1735/36. 14 pds. for 150 a. "Plantation whereon I now dwell...part of land I bought of John POPE at Bridgers Creek..." Adj. Volintine BRASSWELL... to the main road..." Wit: John DAWSON, jurat, John BODDIE. May Court 1736. John WYNNS D.C./C.

pg. 291. Mary GRIFFIN "relige William GRIFFIN" to Thomas COWMAN. April 16, 1736. 25 pds. for 320 a. "exec'r to the Last will & testament of William GRIFFIN in which he did bequeath all his Estate both real and personal to me...within deed of sale" At Swactes Branch adj. Richard BRASWELL on Cashay Swamp. Wit: John GRAY, James BULLAHE, Edward MOOR. May Court 1736. "John COOK by virtue of a letter of attorney duly proved...acknowledged the above assignment..." John WYNNS

pg. 313. William BRASSWELL of Edgecombe Precinct to "Reverend Mr. John BOYD Minister of the Gospel" May 25, 1734. 30 pds. for 300 a. On SS Yawraha Swamp at mouth of Great Branch adj. Robert BRASSWELL. Part of tract cont. 600 a. granted said William BRASSWELL on April 1, 1714. Wit: Ellex'r WIGHT, jurat, William SHUFFILD, Richard TAYLOR. August Court 1736. John WYNNS D.C./C. "The underwritten was signed (&) sealed in presence of us the above. Andrew IRWING, jurat."