Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bertie County, NC Deed Book B 1725-1727

pg. 2. William BENNETT & wife Grace to Nicholas BOON, Aug. 10, 1725. 8 pds. for 100 a. "which I purchased of Richard BRASSWELL, dec'd. on May 14, 1723. On SS Meherrin River. Adj. William KINCHEN on Middle Branch. Wit: Thos. JENKINS, (Fr.?) PARKER, Joseph COLPEPER. Aug. Court 1725. Capt. John WINNS D. C/C.

pg. 59. William WHITE & wife Rachel to Samuell CANADY, July 10, 1725. 10 pds. for 195 a. on NS Moratock River. Adj. William WHITEHEAD, Richard BRASSWELL. Wit: Joseph CARTER, Peter DANIEL. Nov. Ct. 1725.

pg. 86. Richard MILTON (MELTON) to Samuel WILLIAMS, May 12, 1724. 8 pds. for 320 a. on NS Morattock River "upon ye Long Meadow." Part of patent formerly granted MILTON for 640 a. dated April 1, 1723. Francis PARKER, jurat. Thos. FUTRILL. Feb. Court 1725.

pg. 87. John NAIRN, atty. to Rich'd MILTON, to Samuel WILLIAMS, Feb. 8, 1725. "5 sh. as well as within consideration for 320 a. Wit: Robert FORSTER, John WINNS. Feb. Court.

pg. 110. Jacob BRASSWELL (BRACEWELL) to John SMITH, blacksmith, 1726. 10 pds. for 250 a. NS Morrattock River and Urssarah Meadow. "...Where John now lives..." being "pt. and p'cill of a patent of 528 a." granted to BRACEWELL April 1, 1723. On Holly Bush Meadow. May Court 1726.

pg. 125. William WILSON & wife Rebekah to Samuel ELDRIDGE, May 9, 1726. 20 pds. for 265 a. "...being half tract granted said Rebekah whose name was then BRACEWELL and now ye said William WILSON's wife." 530 a. patent dated March 1, 1719. Wit: William DRAKE, William RICKS. May Court 1726.

pg. 129. John WILLIAMS & wife Ann to John MOORE, May 7, 1726. 24 pds. for 150 a. adj. Jonathan STANDLEY. Wit: Theo. WILLIAMS, Samuel WILLIAMS.

pg. 148. Jonathan SANDERSON to John WIGGANS, Aug. 5, 1726. 2 pds. 10 sh. for 50 a. on NS Meherring River and Buck Horne. Adj. Robert BRASSWELL. Part of patent belonging to John HOBBS dated Nov. 7, 1723. Wit: John GARDNER, Aug. Court 1726.

pg. 154. Joseph SIMS to Margarett FOWLER, 1726, 5 pds. for 150 a. Part of patent dated March 1, 1719 on NS Merottock River at Meadow Branch. Adj. William BRACEWELL on Mill Swamp. Wit: Barna. MACKINNE, jurat. Robert JONES. Aug. Court 1726.

pg. 155. John HOOKES, Jun. of Nansemond Co., Va. to Jonathan SANDERSON, 1725. 5 pds. for 320 a. Part of patent for 640 a. dated Nov. 7, 1723. On NS Meherin River. Adj. Robert BRACEWELL, Beal BROWN, John MINSHEW. Wit: Peter GARLAND, Edw. JOHNSON, John MACKELONE. August Court 1726.

pg. 156. John STEWARD & wife Sarah to James WOOD, 1726. 30 pds. for 140 a. On NS Merattock River commonly called "ye Peach Blossom." Adj. Edward HOWARD. Part of tract granted March 1, 1721. Wit: Robert BRASSWELL, Orlendo CHAMPION, John SUTTON. August Court 1726.

pg. 180. Samuel WILLIAMS and wife Jane to William RUFFIN of Surry Co., Va., Feb. 5, 1726. 21 pds. for 160 a. On NS Morrattock River and "the long meadow" at The Old Trading Path. Adj. Clemmon STRADFORD. Tract formerly granted to Richard MILTON for 640 a. by patent dated April 1, 1723. Wit: Thomas DEW, Jun., John HART. November Court 1726.

[Note from Nona: Perhaps the wife of Samuel WILLIAMS, above, is Jane BRASWELL.]

pg. 182. Thomas BROWN & wife to John ROGERS, Jun., 1000 lbs. tobacco for 110 a. On NS Maeherrin River Adj. River Islands and Joseph DARDEN. Part of Patent for 640 a. Wit: Jacob BRACEWELL, Mary BRACEWELL. November Court 1726.

pg. 187. Moses GINN & wife Mary to John POWER, Nov. 4, 1726. 20 pds. for 190 a. On NS Meherrin River. Wit: John BOULE (BOUCLE), John DEW. Ack. in court by John DEW, Esq. by virtue of power of atty. from Mary GINN.

[Note from Nona: Mary GUINN was the widow of William BRASWELL who d. in 1720.]

pg. 188. Moses GINN & wife Mary to John POWER, Nov. 4, 1726. 50 pds. for 300 a. On NS Meherring River. Adj. William BRACEWELL. Wit: John BONDE, John DEW. Ack. by John DEW, Esq. by power of atty. from Mary GINN.

pg. 189. Mary GINN to John DEW, Nov. 7, 1726. Power of atty. to ack. sale to John POWER. Wit: John BONDE, Sarah BRASWELL.

pg. 219. Nicholas BAGGET & wife Mary to John DICKINSON, Feb. 4, 1726/27. 35 pds. for 150 a. On SS Yourah Swamp. Part of tract granted to William BRASSWELL by patent dated April 1, 1714. On WS Quonkey Branch above "Oldfied." Wit: John SUTTON, James WOOD. February Court 1726.

pg. 333. Peter JONES of Surry Co., Va. to Robert SIMS, Nov. 13, 1727. 30 pds. for 100 a. (150 a.?) On NS Morattuck River on Cypress Swamp. Called Ocoeneechee. Part of patent 640 a. to William BRACEWELL in 1711/12. Wit: Emperor WHEELER, Ann WHEELER. November Court 1727.