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* Arthur Braswell, Robeson Co., NC 1819

In the name of God Amen I Arthur BRASWELL of the county of Robeson and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and Memory thanks to God, do on this eighteenth day of January in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and substance following to wit: First, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Henry BRASWELL my negro fellow Jim, my negro wench Poll and whatever corn Jim may have on hand at my decease, his hogs, his household furniture and whatever property said Jim may have in his possession at my decease as aforesaid, also Jim's working tools - say an axe, a grubbing hoe and spreading hoe, also my rifle gun. Second, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son, David BRASWELL, one hundred and sixty three acres of land adjoining the lands of Daniel POWELL and my son Aaron BRASWELL, also my coopers tools and one hundred acres of land and my ?bed. Thirdly, unto my son Aaron BRASWELL, I give and bequeath my carpenters tools, also one hundred acres of land being a part of the Tract on which he now lives and the feather bed which I now lie on. Fourthly, unto my daughter-in-law, Betsy BRASWELL, I will and bequeath to her and her heirs five dollars. Fifthly, to my daughters, Susanna and Patience, I will and bequeath five dollars each. Sixthly, to my grandson, Alexander BRASWELL, I will and bequeath one hundred and fifty acres lying on the east side of boggy branch and my chest sixthly to my beloved daughter, Mary BRASWELL, I will and bequeath three hundred acres including my plantation and the lands adjoining it on each side, also my Still and apparatus belonging to it, the new large Iron Pot and the dutch oven, my farming utensils, and my cart. Seventhly, to my daughter, Peggy, I give and bequeath two hundred and fifty acres adjoining the land which I give my daughter Mary below it on Ashpole Swamp, also an old Iron pot and my riding horse, bridle and saddle. Eightly, it is my will and desire that after my daughters, Susanna, Patience, and my daughter in Law, Betsy BRASWELL received the legacies which I have given them as above mentioned that my stock of cattle, my corn, and fodder which may be on the plantations and will be called mine at my death and the residue of the household furniture which I have not already bequeathed be equally divided between my daughters, Mary and Peggy. Ninthly, I appoint my sons, Henry, David, and Aaron, Executors to this my last will and testament. Signed and sealed in the presence of Ken BLACK his ("A" his mark) (seal). Sampson PITMAN Allen PITMAN Arthur BRASWELL

Braswell Branches, Volume 7, Issue 4, Fall 1998, article by Joyce Braswell, PO Box 53, Laurinburg, ND 28353. Robeson Co., NC Will Book 1, page 354 per Volume 7, Issue 4, Fall 1998

Found at Nona Williams' web site under Braswell Resources