Thursday, April 10, 2008

* Micajah Bennett Jackson Co., GA

In the name of the Holy Trinity Amen. I Micajah Bennet...being indisposed in Body...I give and bequeath to my two Sons Jesse I. Bennet & Jeptha Bennet, the Tract of Land whereon I now live, including the Plantation & farming utentials, two Horses, one yolk of oxen & cart, a cow & calf a peace, all my Stock of Hogs, two feather Beds & furniture, all my Household & kitchen furniture except two other feather Beds & furniture to be disposed of as hereafter dirested together with the services of my Negroe man Spencer, & my Negroe woman Jude, during the time of their (my Sons aforesaid) minority; with this request, & it is my will that after the expiration of the age of minority, my, the said Negroe woman Jude, shall be set free under such regulations as the Laws of the State do or may authorize, but that Spencer shall remain the property of my sons aforesaid.

Executors named to take oversight of his sons & attend to their raising, education & moral instruction on the premises & to employ some moral & decent person to take charge of the plantation as overseer.

To grand daughter Polley Bennett two dollars. Residue of estate, real & personal, to his children, Peter Bennett, Nancy Bennett, Salley Cotton, Micajah Bennett & William Bennett, share & share alike.

Just debts, which are small, to be punctually paid & if necessary sell any part of property, in that case the balance of his stock of cattle be sold or his Bear Creek tract of land.

Executors: Thomas Johnson & Richard W. Pentecost.
Witnesses: William Pentecost, Britain Brazeal & Josiah Bradley.

Will dated April 8, 1824, probated July 5, 1824, recorded pp.103-104.

(Jackson Co., GA WB A 1803-1860 Pg 75)