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Kinfolks of Johnston Co., NC

Abstracts of Deeds 1759-1825 Vol I
Abstracted by Elizabeth E. Ross & Zelda B. Wood

25 Jan 1764 SAMPSON BRASWELL of Johnson Co to PETTYPOOL MASSEY of Edgecomb Co for L20, 100 acres NS Mocosson Ck...granted to CHIEDREAD (sic) WILLIAMS (RICHARD WILLIAMS) 11 Nov 1756...Wit: WILLIAM JAMES, JOHN MASSEY SAMPSON (X) BRASWELL, CHRISTIAN (X) BRASWELL (Deed Bk D-1 191)

8 Feb 1769 SAMPSON BRACEWELL of Johnson Co to PETTYPOOL MASSEY Johnson Co for L50, 290 acres the rem. part of a tract granted to RICHARD WILLIAMS by Granville 11 Nov 1756 adj Mocoson Ck...Wit: WILLIAM MADLON, WILLIAM WILDER, MATHEW WILDER CHRISTIAN BRASSWELL exam. by JNO RAND. SAMPSON (X) BRASSWELL, CHRISTIAN (X) BRASSWELL. Feb Ct 1769 (Deed Bk E-1 415)

28 Feb 1780 RICHARD HORNE of Johnson Co to BRYAN LEE of Edgecom Co for L6,000?, 147 acres Johnson Co ES Buffalo Ck... land granted to RICHARD BRASWELL 25 Oct 1750 to JOHN HINNANT to RICHARD HORNE 3 Feb 1778...Wit: CHA LEE, SIMON LEE, MALCHAI WIMBERLY, RICHARD (R) HORNE Nov Ct 1781(Deed Bk K 222)

22 Feb 1782 MICHAEL ROGERS of Wake Co to JOHN BROWN Johnson Co for L40, 280 acres Buffelow Sw on upper side of Best Br...part of grant to JACOB BRASWELL by Granville Wit: GEORGE WARREN, ISHAM ROGERS, WM WARD, Clk Feb Ct 1782 (Deed Bk K 283)

11 Jan 1787 BURWELL SPIKES of Burk Co GA to WILLIAM BRACEWELL of Johnson Co for L12, 100 acres SS Black Ck. bank in JONATHAN SMITH's line, just above Greens Ford. Wit: OBED JOHNSON, REUBEN BAKER (Deed Bk Transcript #2 350)

11 Aug 1797 ABNER PEOPLES of Johnson co to DAVID BRASWELL of Wain Co for L 96, tracts Johnson Co SS Nuse River (1) 200 acres SS Black Ck. adj JOHN BALLENGER, incl the Spring & Blue Pond...(2) 100 acres SS Black Ck. adj ELISHA BROWN, near the Wolf Pit Br...(3) 100 acres SS Black Ck., Mirey Br. adj JESSEE PURVUS & HEARING NEST (sic) Br...Wit: WM GUY, BENJ SMITH. signed ABNER PEEBLES May Ct. 1798 (Deed Bk X-1 25)

29 July 1809 RICHARD BRASWELL of Johnson Co to BURWELL BRASWELL of Johnson Co, for NL & Aff. to my son, land SS Little Juniper Sw., pat. to DANIEL DEES 1796... Wit: B. INGRAM, HENRY MASSENGILL. signed RICHARD BRASWELL May Ct 1810 (Deed Bk F-2 245)

22 Jun 1811 JACOB BRASWELL of Johnson Co to LEWIS BRASWELL Johnson Co for NL & Aff. to my son, 200 acres NS Neuse River, ES Quscoson Sw., adj NICHOLAS TINER... being granted to DAVID DAVIS 29 Apr 1768...Wit: JOS BOON JUNr, EVEN FUTRELL, JACOB(X) BRASWELL Aug Ct 1811(Deed Bk G-2 189)

25 Mar 1803 RICHARD BRASWELL of Johnson Co sells to EDMOND DEES Johnson Co for L75, negroe man HARRY ca. 50 yrs... Wit: FRANCES S/LAWTHROP Jr, BENJ GOODRICK signed RICHARD BRASWELL May Ct 1803 (Deed Bk C-2 23)

23 Sep 1807 SAMPSON BRASWELL sells to STEPHEN LEE for L75, a negroe boy---race ca. 7 yrs. Wit: ???, INGRAM LEE signed SAMPSON BRASWELL Nov Ct 1808 (Deed Bk F-2 21)