Friday, April 4, 2008

George A. & Joe Braswell 1877

The Gallatin Examiner, Friday, July 6, 1877 (Tennessee)

We learn from Cookeville that Geo. A. alias Teek Braswell, for the murder of John Allison, has been convicted of murder in the second degree, and sentenced to twenty years in the penitentiary. This is the murder that occurred at the still house the night after Joe and Tee Braswell were charged with killing Russell Allison, at the house of Mrs. Isbell, on the Carthage and Sparta road, on the night of the 29th of November, 1875. Constable J.K.P. Stewart and posse, among them John Allison, brother of Russell, went to the still house of the Braswell's next night and arrested Joe. Teek was coming home from a mill near by and was warned by Joe that he was under arrest, but Teek swore he was going in anyhow. He was seized at the door by the Constable and John Allison, and surrender demanded but he then drew a pistol and shot John without cause.

Murder trial in Putnam County, p 127/128. Jo & Teek Braswell convicted of murder & sentenced to be hanged August 9. Appeal taken to Supreme Court.

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