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Parker, Lucy, Richland Dist, SC 1819

Will of Lucy Parker

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I Lucy Parker of Richland District South Carolina do make and ordain this my last will and testament. First, it is my Will that all my just debts be paid. Secondly, I give to my servant Jack his choice of my stock of hogs and cattle, say one sow and pigs one cow and calf four good hogs one work creature provisions to make the first crop after my death, two iron pots and all my working tools of every discription forever. Thirdly I give to my sevant Ailse one cow and one sow to her and her heirs forever. Fourthly I lend my tract of land containing fifty acres which I now live on to my servants Jack and Ailse, and Isaac my former servant who is now free; in the following manner. to Isaac ten Acres in the field which I now tend adjoining and behind the garden with one half the garden with the Kitchen and one out hoouse to use or rent during his life time To Jack and Ailse the remainder of the land to use or rent during their life times. Should Mr. George Scott be living where he is now after the death of Jack, Ailse, and Isaac. I leave the above fifty Acres of land to him and his heirs forever by his paying to Silas Jesse Rives one hundred and twenty five dollars, but if he shou'd be mov'd away or dead then in that case I leave the land to Silas Jesse Rives to him and his heirs forever. Fifthly I give to William Harris the baptist preacher all the remaining part of my stock of hogs and to his wife I give all my wearing apparel and one chest. Sixthly I give to my four grand children, William Henry Rives, John Green Rives Elizabeth Rachel Harrison and Silas Jesse Rives all the remaining of my stock of cattle, beds bed clothes bed stead and all my house hold furniture of every description excepting those mention'd above to them and their heirs forever to be equally divided between them. Seventhly my servant Jack is to provide food and clothing for my servant Ailse during her lifetime and sees that she does not suffer - eighthly - I wish to set my servants Jack and Ailse free, but as that cannot be legally done by will, I hereby give them to my executors herein after nam'd for the sole purpose of enabling them to emancipate them by deed as the law requires, and it is my earnest request that they do so immediately after my decease. lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my friends James Adams and Joel Adams jun. executors of this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all former ones. Witness my hand and seal this sixteen day of January Anno Domine eighteen hundred and nineteen
Signed sealed and delivered} The word Ailse enterlin'd
in the presence of us} before sign'd

John S. Chappell........Lucy Parker
Sylvia p. Adams
Eurydice Bracewell
South Carolina} Personally appeared John S. Chappell who
Richland District} being duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists
of Almighty God did make oath that he saw Lucy Parker sign seal publish pronounce and declare the within Instrument of writing to be her last will and Testament that she was then of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding according to the best of this Deponents knowledge and belief and that Sylvia P Adams and Eurydice Bracewell together with this Deponent at the request of the Testatrix in her presence and in the presence of each other witnessed the due execution thereof
John S. Chappell
Sworn to before me this 8 day of September 1819
James S. Guignard Ordinary
Will Book G Pg 108