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Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution

Bracerveil, Richard

See Richard Bracewell.

Bracewell, Richard
He enlisted in the First Regiment on 21 May 1776. N.A.853.

Braswell, Jacob
He enlisted in the Third Regiment on 9 July 1777. N.A.853.

Brazeal, William
He enlisted in the Fifth Regiment on 28 March 1776. N.A.853.

Brazeel, Richard
He served in the Second Dragoons under Capt. Francis Moore,
Col. Myddleton and General Sumter during 1781. Salley, Doc., p.82

Brazell, Jacob
See Jacob Brazill.

Brazell, Richard
See Richard Brazeel.

Braziel, Richard
See Richard Brazeel

Braziel, Willis
He served under Capt. John Cowan between 12 May 1780
and 20 February 1783. In addition, he lost a horse, saddle,
bridle, saddle bags, one Duffie's blanket, a wallet and
handkerchief in the battle at Kettle Creek on February 1779.

Braziel, Wood
He served seven days in the militia on horseback under Capt.
John Cowan during 1780 and 1783. A.A.723;I598

Brazill, Jacob
He enlisted in the Third Regiment on 9 July 1777. In 1779, he
was under Capt. John C. Smith. A.A.720;S.C.H.&G.,147;N.A.853

Brazwell, Jacob
See Jacob Brazill.

Breazeale, Willis
See Willis Braziel.

Breazeale, Wood
See Wood Brazill.

N.A.853. Lists of North Carolina and South Carolina Troops and
of Officers and Men of Continental Organizations Raised from
more than one state, 1775-1783. Washington, D.C.; National
Archives, M853, Roll 16