Monday, December 22, 2008

William Brazzel, Sumner Co., TN 1795

From the Gallatin, Tn newspaper, 1935:

"Two Early Governors Signed Papers Shown In Estate Settlement"

"Settlement of the estate of W.B. Brazzel, who died January 26 on his farm five miles north of Gallatin on the Jackson highway, has brought to light several old papers signed by Governor Willie Blount and by Governor Newt Cannon in which a Revolutionary War soldier's land grant in Tennessee was officially asssigned to the Brazzel family.

The papers which are now in the possession of Mrs. Nora Cullen, Mr. Brazzel's sister at 230 Treutland Street, show that the land where Mr. Brazzel died was aquired by his great-grandfather, W.B. Brazzel, in 1795. Members of the family have lived on the farm, of approximately 600 acres, since that time until the last owner's death, in January.

The paper, signed by Governor Blount, is a legal recognition of William Brazzel as the heir of Conrad Halfaker, his grandfather, who served with the North Carolina militia in the Revolutionary War and for whose services he was granted land in this section of the state. Halfaker died before he could ever take up the land in Sumner county and his grandson, William Brazzel, came to take up the claim. The paper signed by Governor Cannon in 1837 establishes the Brazzel claim to adjoining land.

Mr. Brazzel, who had no children, never having married, was buried in a family cemetery on the farm near the house where he was born."

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