Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Edward Goodson & Matthew Rushin

1714 – December 16, RICHARD WASHINGTON, of Surry County granted 850 acres in Isle of Wight County on the South side of the main Blackwater Swamp. Beginning at the mouth of a branch on the west side of Nottaway Swamp, which branch divides this land from the land of EDWARD GOODSON and MATTHEW RUSLIM. Land Office Patents No. 10, 1710-1719, page 202 (Virginia State Library website)

1717 – October 4, RICHARD WASHINGTON and his wife ELIZABETH, Surry County, to RICHARD BRASWELL, Isle of Wight Co. 150 acres on Nottoway River adjacent to Cpt. RICHARD EXUM's land, a part of the patent for 850 acres RICHARD WASHINGTON received in 1714. Witnesses: FRANCES WEST, WM. WASHINGTON (IOW Co. VA Great Book Pg 132-133)

1720 – September 26, RICHARD BRACEWELL of Isle of Wight Co. to OLIVER WOODWARD the 150 acres he bought for one shilling from RICHARD WASHINGTON in 1717. (IOW Co. VA Great Book Pg 387)

1735 – December 15, RICHARD BRASSWELL of the Upper Parrish of the Isle of Wight Co appointed lawfull attorney to acknowledge a deed for 150 acres JOHN and SUSANNAH PENNY to DANIEL STOREY. Witnesses: JOHN BRASSWELL and WM. BRASSWELL "land situate & being in upper parrish of the Isle of Wight County joining upon Nottoway River on the north side & being part of a tract of land in a patent granted to Mr. RICHARD WASHINGTON bearing date of sixteenth day of December 1714 and by said WASHINGTON ….to JOHN HOWELL who sold it to JOHN PENNY (Deed Book 5, 1736-1741, Part 1, page 17-19, from Carey Bracewell)

1736 - June 22, MOSES FAIRCLOTH to RICHARD BRASSELL 100 acres for 5 shillings "part of a pattent for four hundred and Seventy five acres Granted by the Honourable Alexander Spotswood his Majesty's Lieut: Governr of the Colony aforesaid the Sixteenth day of June One thoussand Seven Hundres & fourteen to MATTHEW RUFHEN and EDWARD GOODSON" (IOW Co., VA DB 5 1736-1741 Pg 36-39)

1746 - March 12, JOSEPH BRASSWELL & wife SARAH and WILLIAM BRASWELL & wife SARAH to RICHARD VICK 100 acres for 19 pounds "A certain Tract or Parcell of Land lying and being in the County of Isle of Wight aforesd. Containing by Estimation One Hundred Acres be the same more or less the said Divident of Land being part of a Patent Granted to EDWd. GOODSON and MATTHEW RUSHIN bearing Date the Sixteenth day of June One Thousand Seven Hundred and fourteen" (IOW Co., VA DB 7,Part 2, Pg 445-448)

1749 - Southampton Co. VA created from Isle of Wight

1761 - May 14, THOMAS EDWARDS to JESSE EDWARDS 110 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp adj. JAMES BULLOCK, GOODSON, and near Horse Pen Swamp (part of a patent to EDWARD GOODSON and MARTHA RUSHIN on 16 Jun 1714), S: THOMAS (mark) EDWARDS, W: ROBERT (signed) BROWN, ZEBLON (signed) LEWIS, and JOHN (+) CASPEL (Southampton Co., VA DB 3, 1760-1767 Pg 41-42)

NOTE: Zebulon Lewis is the step son of John Braswell, grandson of Richard Towle & Susannah Burgess Braswell.

Susannah, wife of John Penney has been incorrectly placed as the daughter of John & Alice Braswell without regard to Sarah Braswell's will which names the children of John & Alice as John Jr, Mary, Benjamin, William & Sampson.