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Jacob Braswell: Edgecombe to Johnston to Cumberland

Jacob Braswell
who had been in Johnston County from Edgecombe County sold his land in 1764 & 1765. The 1765 sale identifies him of "CUMBERLAND COUNTY" He was gone from Johnston County 13 years before the Jacob Braswell of the S/H DNA Group arrived from Southampton County Virginia.

JOHNSTON CO., NC (formed in 1746 from Craven County)

1749 - September, JACOB BRACEWELL “now in Johnston Cy” sued by Mathew Hardy. Security: ROBERT BRYANT. He was also sued by William Mearns (p. 20) (from Carey Bracewell)

1761 - June 24, JACOB BRASWELL of Johnston County sold 650 acres in Edgecombe County, to Samuel Delke (p. 8) from Carey Bracewell. This is in Edgecombe Co. records as:

1761 - June 24, JACOB BRASWELL of Johnston County sold 650 acres in Edgecombe to Samuel Delke, "being a Granville grant to JACOB BRASWELL dated December 6, 1760". (Edgecombe DB 1, p. 280; and Edgecombe DB C, p. 61) (from Carey Bracewell)

1761 - November 23, JACOB BRASWELL witnessed the will of WILLIAM HINTON of Johnston County; had a stock of cattle and horses from the Hinton estate in his care. (p. 7) (from Carey Bracewell)

1762 - April 8, JACOB BRACEWELL entered 700 acres in Johnston County on the south side of “buffillo Swamp joining Benjamin Bryants Line..." (p. 7) Surveyed September 30 by Charles Young. Chain bearers: John Starling and Samuel Delk. Actual grant by Granville made January 1, 1763, for 680 acres "Joining Collins line" Witness: Nathl Cary. (p. 7) from Carey Bracewell

1762 - September 28, JACOB BRASWELL a chain bearer for 522 acres in Johnston County on the north side of Neuse river and on the east side of Marks Creek and 700 acres on the west side of Marks Creek surveyed for Jacob Delk (copy of surveys from W. C. Fields to Carey Bracewell)

1764 – May, “Ordered that Mary Harris and orphan child daughter of Elizabeth Shuttleworth of Johnston County (the said orphan being now in this county) about eight years of age be bound as apprentice to JACOB BRASWELL & that indentures of the said orphan to the said BRASWELL be perfected as the Law direct (Cumberland Court Minutes, p. 180a) (updated entry 3-26-08)

1764 – August. JACOB BRASWELL named on a jury to lay off a road from Arthur Donnely’s ford to the main road that goes by Dobbins (Cumberland court Minutes, p. 111a) (updated entry 3-26-08)

1764 - September 26, JACOB BRASWELL, planter, to James Taylor, Merchant, for 80 pounds, 480 acres in Johnston County on south side of Buffalow Swamp....Collin's line on Best Branch.... Witnesses: Michael Rogers, James Wooten (copy of deed from Carey Bracewell.)

1765 - May 11, JACOB BRASWELL of Cumberland County to Aaron Rogers of Johnston County, for 10 pounds, 280 acres in Johnston County on Buffaloe Swamp, beginning at a pine opposite best Branch, Collins old corner tree..." Witnesses: James Wooten, Reuben Rogers (p. 7) from Carey Bracewell

1768 - October 28, John Walsh, Esq., coroner, to Duncan Mackie, merchant, both of Cumberland for #10 proc., 100 acres where JACOB BRASSWELL lived on W/S of Cape Fear River beginning at lower corner of Arthur Donally's plantation where sd. Donally now lives, part, part of 150 acres which sd. Donally bought from Archibald Buie on 27 Oct. 1765. Sd. BRASSWELL possesed of land by virtue of penal act from Arthur Donaly decd., on --day of -- 176-, land now in hands of John Farlow, planter. (Transaction) ackd. by sd. Donally in his life in presence of Andrew Shepherd & James Stringfield, late of Cumberland. Land levied on by James Simpson, then sheriff of Cumberland, in orig. attachment dated 17 Feb. 1767 by sd. Duncan Mackie. Sold to satisfy judgement obtained at Cumberland inferior Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions on 26 July 1768 in suit: Duncan Mackie v. JACOB BRASSWELL, late of Cumberland, for #19.17.0 Proc., & costs of #4.3.10 Proc., sd. Mackie was highest bidder. Wit: John Walsh Sr., Samuel Boyd. Ackd. July 1769. (Cumberland Co., NC DB 3 Pg 349)

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