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* Morgan Co., GA Misc. Deeds

- June 18, Leonard Stringer to Robert Fullwood, both of Clarke County, for $500, in 4th District of Baldwin County, Lot 284 on Sugar Creek, including plantation where self now lives & where Britton Braswell formerly occupied, 202 1/2 acres, in fee simple. Signed: Leonard Stringer. Test: Benjamin Braswell, Saml. Braswell, J.P. Recorded 6 June 1815. ( DB D 1813-1815 Pg. 377)

1808 - February 1, Samuel Braswell Senior of Morgan Co. to Radford Ellis of Oglethorpe Co. for $185, lot # 110 in the 19th Dist. Randolph, granted to Samuel Braswell Senior 28 Jan. 1808, bounded by lots #109, 111, 139, in the 15th Dist. Signed: Samuel Braswell. Wit: Mary (X) Foster, Jno. Foster JP. Rec. 8 Jan. 1810. (Morgan County Pages 77-78)

1808 - March 1
, Aron Butler of Morgan Co., to Benjamin Braswell of Clarke Co., Ga., for $312, 160 [or 106] 8/10 acres, 20th Dist. of Baldwin Co. when granted now Morgan Co., fraction Lot 307, in fee simple. /S/ Aron Butler. Wit: Robert (D) Day, Senr., Robert Day, Junr. Clark Co.: proved by Robert Day, Junr., 19 March 1808, Jno. Foster, J.P. Recorded 26 March 1817. (DB F 1817-1818 Pg 23)

1809 - January 10, Isham Huccaby of Randolph Co., GA to Allen Braswell of Morgan Co., GA for $400 in 20th Dist. Baldwin Co., 202 1/2 acres, Lot 322 on Jacks Creek waters, in fee simple. /s/ Isham (/) Huccaby. Wit: John Middleton, Joshua Crow, John Stogner. Morgan Co., proved by Joshua Crow who saw Isham Huckey sign, 16 Dec 1809, John McCoy, J.P. Recorded 24 June 1811. (DB C 1811-1812 P 20)

1811 - February 16, John Bruster to Benjamin Braswell, both of Morgan Co., for $200, in 20th Dist. of Baldwin Co., 118 1/10 acres, Lot 306, on Sandy Creek waters, adj. Indian boundary line, in fee simple. /S/ John Bruster. Wit: Stark Brown, Aln. Braswell, John McCoy, J.P. Recorded 26 March 1817. (DB F 1817-1818 Pg 24)

1815 - August 1, Martin P. Sparks sheriff of Morgan County to John McCoy of same place for $156. Execution issued from Treasury Office of Georgia, 5 July 1811. State of Georgia, plaintiff, & Allen Braswell & Aaron Butler, defendants. Lot in Morgan County but Baldwin County when granted, 20th District, part of Lot 322, 100 1/4 acres sold as property of Allen Braswell. John McCoy was the highest bidder. Signed: Martin P. Sparks, sheriff. Witness: Joshua Boon, Isham S. Fannin, Cyrus Billingslea, J.P. Recorded 1 Aug 1815. (DB D 1813-1815 Pg 413)

1817 - September 6, Power of attorney: Morgan County Georgia: Joseph Braswell of aforesaid county appoint my friend William Wortham of aforesaid county my true & lawful attorney in fact to cavet the Will of Benjamin Braswell, deceased, & collect by law my portion of the estate of deceased which I am entitled to as the brother of deceased. Signed: Joseph (BJG) Braswell. Witness: William Phillips, Wiley Fletcher, E. Duke, J.P. Recorded 13 Sept. 1817. (DB F 1817-1818 Pg 153)

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