Friday, January 29, 2010

Misc. Georgia Deeds

1812 -
May 12, Robert Braswell, Admr. of Benjamin Kimball estate, applies for leave to sell land. (Randolph Co., GA)

- Lost or mislaid the following notes of hand, to wit: one given by Jacob Braswell to Jacob Summerlin, for $250, dated in December, 1815...One given by Jacob Summerlin to myself for $60, due the same time as the above note. All persons therefore are forewarned from trading for said notes...(Signed) Mark Pridgin. (Telfair Co., GA) NOTE: Source unknown, appears to be from a newspaper article.

1817 - February 3, Deed of negro slaves. Sterling Stokes, grantor to Robert Brazill, grantee. For in consideration of $800.00 for slaves India and her two children Hariot and Dick. Signed by Sterling Stokes. Witnessed by John Davis. Recorded by Isaac Bailey on 7 December 1836. (Camden Co., GA M 491)

1843 - February 6, Deed of negro slaves. Sarah Taylor, guardian, grantor to Robert P. Durden, administrator of the estate of Wiley Brazill, grantee. For slaves Frank and Joe, slaves excepted from division of estate. Signed by Sarah Taylor. Witnessed by A. V. Colvin and R. P. Burton. Recorded by G. Percival Cohen on 15 February 1843. (Camden Co., GA N 441)

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