Monday, February 1, 2010

* Matthew Drake Braswell 1770/1780 - 1842

– A list of men living on the north side of Great Satilia which is part of the 3rd District in Camden County at present. April 23rd 1789 – included – Matthew D. Brazil.

I certify the foregoing is a true list of the men liable to do duty in the 3rd District and that they reside on the no. side the river. And that there is as many or very nearly so, residing in the same District on the So. Side the river. /s/ Hugh Brown.

1793 - McIntosh County created from Liberty.

1797 - February 23, Matthew Drake Braswell married Polly.

1805 – Georgia Land Lottery - Mathew Braswell, Washington Co., 1 draw, blank

1808 – March 15 (Divorce Petition) Polly Brazel says she married Matthew Drake Brazel of the county on 23 February 1797. He has not provided for Polly and her children. During the short period they lived together he beat her and threatened to kill her. They have lived separate the last 7 years. Matthew has committed adultery with other women.

1808 - April Term. We, the jury, find that there is sufficient cause for a divorce. Each party to have the property they now possess. Dnl Brinson, Foreman (Tattnall County Loose Papers)

1811 – The Senate took up the reconsideration of the Journal so far as respects the bill to divorce Mathew Drake Brazzel and Polly his wife…..S. J. 1811, p. 37

The Senate has passed: A bill to divorce and separate Mathew Drake Brazzel and Polly his wife……H. J. 1811, p. 36

Mr. Gamble….also moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare and report a bill to divorce and separate Mathew Drake Brazzel and Polly his wife. H. J. 1815, p. 33 (GA Archives)

1814 - October 24, Mathew Brazel & Lucy Turner of McIntosh Co. (Annals of Georgia Pg 13)

1815 - M. D. Brasell, McIntosh; 200 acres (Georgia Archives)

1816Matthew D. Brazill granted 200 acres in McIntosh Co., page 39, Grant Book L.5

1820 – Georgia Land Lottery Mathew D. Brazel, Appling Co., GA, drew land in Early County.

1840 Census, St. Mary’s River, Camden Co., GA M. D. Brasel 1 M 60-70 1 F 50-60 NOTE: This census places Matthew's birth 1770-1780.

1842 – June 7, Stephen McCall was appointed Administrator of Matthew D. Brazel.

1844 – June 3, Stephen McCall, Admr. of M. D. Brazel estate dismissed.