Saturday, July 17, 2010

V. Brazile, Hancock Co., GA 1812

Genealogical Abstracts From The Georgia Journal
(Milledgeville) Newspaper, 1809-1818 Vol. 1 Page 181

Issue of December 2, 1812

Direct tax. By virtue of an act of Congress, passed the 16th of March 1802 entitled..."an act, to lay and collect Direct Tax within the United States" will be sold at public sale, at the time and place hereafter mentioned, by the Collectors respectively, so much of the following estates as will satisfy the taxes due thereon...The sale will take place as follows, viz.----at Sparta, by Hamlin Lewis, esq., on Tuesday 6th of April 1813, at Greensboro by Joshua Houghton, esq. on the 1st Tuesday in July 1813, and at Lexington by John Collier, esq., on the 1st Tuesday in August 1813, of which all concerned are requested to take due notice. (signed) Robert Habersham, Acting Supervisor, 5th May 1812.

Hancock County, First Collection District, Third Division:


NOTE: This must be Valentine "V" Braswell from Chatham County North Carolina