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* Sampson Braswell & Christian Williams

- March 20, Sarah Braswell, widow of Richard, mentions in her will, Son John, Grandson John Braswell Junr, Daughter Jane, and "the other of my said Son John's Children namely Mary Benjamin William & Sampson Braswell". (IOW Co., VA WB 4 P 64)

1756 - November 11, Lord Granville to Richard Williams 390 acres in Johnston County and in Edgcomb County in the Parish of St Patrick and the Parish of Edgcomb on both sides of Mockison Creek. OR: /s/ (mark) Wits: W. Churton, Jno Haywood. Surveyed 26 February 1756. SCC: Wm Tant, Samson Braswell. W. Haywood D Sur (OR refers to original record. 3368 Pg 259 Patent Book 14)

1756 - November 20, John Earl Granville to Richard Williams, planter, Bertie Co for 3 shillings proc money, a tract on both sides Mocason Creek beginning at a red oak on the north side of the said creek then north 260 poles to the center of three pines then west 240 poles to a maple in the said creek then south 260 poles to a pine then east 240 poles to the first station, containing 390 acres, signed Granville by Fras Corbin, Ben Wheatley, wit John Haywood, W. Churton. Recorded May Ct 1757 (Edge. Co. (Halifax) DB 6, Pg 178 CTC)

1757 - September, List of Tithables taken by John Martin for the year 1757, Granville Co., NC 289 names included: Wiliam Tant, Julios Alford, John Davis, Jacob Powell, William Pace, Sampson Brazwell, John Wilder, Robert Butler, Rustion Honicutt, John Benton, George Mainer. (Each with one poll except Robert Butler - 3 polls for himself, John Butler, Adam Reed)

1757 - November 10, William Taunt of Johnston County to James Jordan of Edgecombe County 4 pounds Virginia money. 140 acres on south side of Hazel Nut branch all houses, orchards, gardens, etc. Wit: Edward Collings, Sampson (X) Braswell. Reg: June Ct 1758 J. Montfort C.CT. (Edgecombe Co., DB 6 Pg 323) NOTE: Compare with deed below.

1757 - November 10, (William Launt), planter, Johnson County NC to James Jordan of Edgecombe County 4 pounds Virginia money, a plantation and tract on the south side of a branch called the (Hazel Nut) containing 146 acres beginning at a red oak then up the said Hazel Nut to a red oak then south west course to a white oak then a west course to a white oak then running along John Worley's line to the first station, being part of a deed granted to the said (Wm Launt) 25 Mar 1749, signed (Wm Launt) (Mark), wit: Edwd Carney, ( ), Sampson Braswell (mark) . Recorded June Ct 1758 (Edgecombe Co., (Halifax)DB 6)

1761 - January 16, Samuel OBannion 478 acre plat in Johnston County on the North side of Magazine (sic) joining Williamses line and OBannion's own line. CB Sampson Brasswell, William Johnston, Charles Young Surveyor. (Johnston Co., NC Lord Granville grant # 4817) Carla Tate

1761 - September 28, Richard Williams of Bertie Co., NC writes his will. "Item. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Christian Brazell to her and her heirs for ever ye plantation whereon she now lives." (Bertie Co., NC Loose Papers, Estate Box, N.C. State Archives)

1763 - August 6, George Manner of Johnston County, planter, to Ezeker Masse of same, 20 pounds proc for 234 acres in Johnston County on northside of "Mauchoson" Creek beginning at a red oak up the branch to a corner pine across to a corner pine along the end (?) to the 1st station...buildings, orchards....Wit: Wm. Masse, Sampson Braswell. Geo. Manner, Elisha (?) or Elislea (?) Manner (DB 1 Pg 31)

1764 - January 25, Sampson Braswell to Pettipool Massey of Edgecombe County, for 20 pounds, 100 acres in Johnston County "on north side of Mochason Creek" part of a 390 acre grant to Richard Williams dated November 11, 1756. "Christian Braswell relinquishes her dowry & right of thirds." Witnesses: William James, William Massey, John Massey (p.11)

1769 - February 28, Sampson (X) Bracewell and Christian (X) Bracewell of Johnston County to Pettipool Massey of same, for 50 pounds, 290 acres, "it being the remainder of a tract granted to Richard Williams by Earl Granville November 11, 1756....on Moconson Creek" (p. 11)

1767-1777 Johnston Co., NC Bk II Court Minutes: Deeds proven include Sampson Braswell and Christian Braswell to Pettipool Massey...said Christian Braswell was privately examined, and relinquished her right of Dower agreeable to Law. Proven by: William Oen Medlin. (http://www.javero.com/clan/18.shtml)

1771 - William Owen Medlin - Surry County - NC Early Census Index
1771 - Sampson Braswell - Surry County - NC Early Census Index

NOTE: This Sampson Braswell is the son of John & Alice Braswell of IOW Co., VA and is not the Sampson Bracewell who married Miss Moore in Edgecombe Co., NC

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