Monday, September 27, 2010

Richard Braswell IV, Wayne Co., NC, 1789

Richard Braswell IV

In the settlement of his estate, dated 12 Jan 1789, distribution of his property is made among his widow, ELIZABETH the manor plantation, except for 30 acres, during her natural life); son RICHARD, JR. (the "plantation tract of land whereon he now lives," and another tract his father purchased from JOHN YELVERTON); son SHADRACK (part of "the manor plantation after the death of his mother," and 1/2 of a 30-acre tract of pine woods patented by ELIAS FORT); son DAVID ("part of the manor plantation after the death of his mother," and 1/2 of the pine woods.); son SAMPSON (200 acres of a tract patented by ELIAS FORT), son JESSE (the remainder of tract containing 200 acres, and 30 acres of the manor plantation). It was signed by RICHARD BRASWELL, SAMPSON BRASWELL, SHADRACK BRASWELL, DAVID BRASWELL and JESSE BRASWELL. A further distribution gave cattle, certain household goods and slaves to his widow and the same children mentioned above, but also adds RODAH, ANNEY SAUL, JESSE BRIDGERS and MARY BRIDGERS. It is signed by BENJAMIN FORT, THOMAS SAUNDERS, JAMES EDMONDSON and NOAH YELVERTON. Another distribution, dated 7 Feb 1799, alloted to MARY and JESSE BRIDGERS, children of JAMES BRIDGERS and grandchildren of RICHARD, certain money, slaves and cattle. This was signed by JOHN BLOW, JESSE BRASWELL, JOHN SAULS, RICHARD BRASWELL and DAVID BRASWELL.