Thursday, June 12, 2008

* James Braswell, Edge. Co., NC 1821

Date of will 20 Nov 1821, date proved May CT 1824, book F/18;

In the name of God..."being weak of body";

Item- Lend my beloved wife Crissey Braswell all my lands of every description & all my Negroes of every class and all my stock of every kind together with all my plantation utensils during her natural life or widowhood;

Item- to my beloved son Henry B. Braswell, after the death or marriage of my wife, Crissey Braswell, all my lands of every description, also one roan colt called Starling;

Item- to my beloved wife one feather bed and furniture her choice;

Item- after the death or marriage of my wife all me estate not already given away to be equally divided among my four daughters, viz. Harriet, Polly, Betsey and Crissey Braswell;

Item- I appoint John Mercer, Esq. and my beloved wife, Crissey Braswell executors;
signed James Braswell,
wit. E.T. Bullock, Henry Griffin. Proved by Edwin Bullock; Crissey Braswell qualified as executor; John Mercer refused to qualify.

Abstracted from copy of original, NC Archives CR.037.801.4, 6-26-01. CTC

From Foy Braswell's Library