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* Zadock Braswell Edge. Co., NC 1851

Will date 13 Mar 1851, date recorded May Ct. 1852,

"In the name of God Amen"... being weak in body but of sound disposing mind and memory"... lend to my beloved wife Mary Braswell my Negro man Elisha during her natural life or widowhood, also one feather bed and furniture, one horse or mule as she may choose, 20 head of hogs, two cows & calves, three ewes and lams, one dozen sitting chairs, one walnut table and one walnut chest, all my kitchen furniture together with one cloth loom, two ( ) cards, two spinning wheels, two plows & plow gear, two carts, cart wheels and gear, 100 acres of land including my house with privilege of using timber from any part of the hundred acres, all my fowls of every description, one years support for herself and family and stock of every description, (few other personal items);

Item- my Negro man Lewis to be sold along with all the perishable goods not above mentioned and my debts paid from proceeds;

Item- my daughter Lucinda Thornton one feather bed;

Item- my daughter (Fanny) Winnifred one feather bed and furniture;

Item- after the death of my wife, my land to be equally divided betwixt my sons and daughters as follows; Zadoc R. Braswell, Baker Braswell, Spencer Braswell, Mary P. Braswell, Lucinda T. Braswell, Frances W. Braswell;

Item- all the property loaned to my wife after her death to be sold except the land and the money arising form such sale to be equally divided betwixt my six daughters, Sally, July, Mary Peat, Martha, and Lucinda and Frances;
signed Zadoc Braswell (very scribbled),
wit. David Williams, Bythal G. Brown.
No executor named, Baker Braswell appointed administrator.
Abstracted from copy of original, NC Archives CR.037.801.4, 6-27-01. CTC

From Foy Braswell's Library