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Hermon Strickland & Elizabeth Taylor

- February 15-16, William Cain of Edgecombe Precinct, North Carolina to Simon Everitt of Isle of Wight for 20 pounds about 125 acres in Isle of Wight bounded by said Everitt's old line and the south side of Nottoway River on the east side of the Swethouse Swamp. Signed: Will'm (W) Caine Wit: William Bynum, Harmon Strickland, Jacob Powell, Arthur Taylor. Lease & Release. Recorded Nov 28, 1737 (IOW Co., VA DB 5 Pg 196)

- November 18-19, Elias Fort of North Carolina, to John Exum of Isle of Wight, for 5 pounds, about 100 acres on the south side of Round Hill Swamp in Isle of Wight and bounded by said John Exum's old line, Suscohannah Branch, the old field branch. The land is described in a deed to said Fort. Signed: Elias (E.F his mark) Fort. Wit: John Dunkley, Jos (his mark like a printed I with a line crossed through the center) Strickling, Harmon (H his mark) Strickling. Lease & Release. Recorded Nov 22, 1736 (IOW CO., VA DB 5 Pg 72)

1744 - February 19, Harmon Strickland was assigned to be a member of Mr. Blount's road crew to the Tar River in Edgecombe Co., NC. (Edgecombe County, Court Minutes 1744-1746)

1744 - September 17,
Frances Corbin Esqr to Hermon Strickland Senr 200 acres in the east side of Deep Creek. (See 1774 deed to Hermon Strickland Jr.)

1745 - October 16, James Conner of Tyrrel co. to James Braswell of Edg, 13 pds, 200 acres on north east side of Deep Creek. adj. Joseph Cotten, Great Branch, the fork of the Creek & Little Swamp. Wit: Will Magee, Joseph (x) Cain. (Edge. Co., NC DB 3 Pg 38 Halifax CTC)

NOTE that Hermon Strickland Sr. & James Braswell Jr are neighbors on Deep Creek proved by the name of James Hogan.

- August 7, Taylor, Thomas. Leg. - wife Katherine; son Hermon, land in Northampton County, N.C. son James land adjoining John Thomas and the widow Norfleet; son John; son Edward; son Harris; son Thomas; daughter Elizabeth Strickland; daughter Olive; daughter Hannah; daughter Margret. Exs. wife Katherine and son Hermon Taylor. D. Aug. 7, 1754. R. Nov. 14, 1754. Wit. John Pitman, Arthur Pitman, James Taylor. (Southampton Co., VA WB I Pg 156)

NOTE: Thomas & Harris Taylor are next to Hermon Strickland (Jr?) in 1786, Halifax Co., NC. See Halifax Co. State Census link below.

1754 - August 20, James Braswell Jr. of Edg to James Hogan 40 pds 200 ac NE side Deep Creek adj. Joseph Cotton, the Great branch & Little Swamp pat James Conner 20 Apr 1745. Wit. Arthur Bell, Joshua Bell, William Williams. (Edge. Co., NC DB 2 Pg 66 Halifax CTC)

1755 - November 10, Harmon Strickland 586 acres in Edgecombe County in Edgecombe Parish on Deep Creek, joining Thomas Pursel, Bryant's line, the mouth of Indian Branch, and both sides of an Impassable Place OR: /s/ Harmon Stricklin Wits: Jno Haywood, Robert Haywood surveyed 6 September 1754 SCC: Benja Braswell, Charles Hems Jno Haywood D Surveyor (1125 pg. 266)

NOTE: James Braswell Jr & Benja Braswell are sons of James Sr.. Their siblings include Simon, Joseph, Sarah who married William Cain & Olive who married John Stinson.

1756 - May 17, Harmon Strickland to Joseph Thorp for 50 pds 100 acres adj Thomas Parsol, pat to Harmon Strickland, for 586 acres Nov 1755. Wit: Joseph Cane, Charles Ray, Rachel Morris. (Edgecombe NC Deed Book 06-010)

1774 - September 17, Harmon Strickland to son Harmon Strickland 200 acres "in the East side of Deep Creek Beginning at James Hoguns a pine in Indian Branch...granted by a deed from Frances Corbin Esqr to Hermon Strickland Senr Bearing date September 17th 1744..." Harmun (X) Strickland {seal} Wit: James Hogun, Lemuel Hogun. November Court 1774 Proved by oath of James Hogun. (Halifax Co., NC Register of Deeds Bk 13 Pg 233-234)

1779 - August 3, Harmon Strickland to son Marmaduke Strickland the land and plantation where on he now lives containing 125 acres "running down the branch to Deep Creek" Hermon Strickland {seal} Wit: Jas Slatter, R. Cotten. August Court 1779 Proved by oath of R. Cotten. (Halifax Co., NC Register of Deeds Bk 14 Pg 255)

1786 - February 1, Halifax Co. State Census Dist 3 taken by Lemuel Hogun Pg. 4: James Cane, skip 4, then James Braswell, next to Drew Braswell, skip one then Harmon Strickland Sr., next to John Strickland, next to Howel Alsobrook, next to James Alsobrook.

1796 - January 1, James and Mary Hodges to Abner Bruce all of Halifax Co. for £201 Va. money, 272 acres in Halifax Co. beginning on the south side of Deep Creek to a black gum in Ogburn Hale's line on the branch and following the branch to a sweet gum in Harmon Stricklands line then 306 poles to a pine in Harmon Stricklands corner on the creek and along the various courses of the creek to the first station." Wits: Harman Bishop, Wm. Parker, Eli Joyner. (Halifax Co., NC DB 18 Pg 110)

1796 - September 13, Hermon Strickland Will: son John Strickland the land and Plantation whereon I now live etc. Wife Elizabeth Strickland use of horse, dishes, bed, etc my pewter to be divided between my 2 grandsons: James Strickland and Hermon Strickland the sons of John daughters Lucy Strickland and Pherebe Alsobrook bed etc. Each- daughter Mary Braswell and grandson David Randolph and grand daughter Ruthy Strickland 5 shillings each son Hermon Strickland 3 silver dollars etc. Grand daughter Elizabeth Randolph cow and calf. Wit.: James Simmons, Marmaduke Strickland Extrs.: sons John and Hermon (Feb Ct 1797 Halifax Co., NC Abstracts of Wills 1758-1824 Margaret M. Hoffman; Will Bk. 3, p. 276)

1797 - February 28, Drewry Braswell & Lydia his wife to James Powell all of Halifax, 37 pds for our right & Title to our thirds of a certain piece of Land formerly the property of Marmaduke Strickland dec'd beginning at Abner Bruces Dec'd line to John Strickland's line...containing 50 acres. Drewry (X) Braswell {seal}, Lydia (X) Braswell {seal}, Wit: Howell Alsobrook, James Simmons. November Court 1797 proved by oath of James Simmons. Registered 15th Dec 1797. (Halifax Co., NC DB 18 Pg 222)

1820 - Deposition of Mary Stricklin re Aaron Taylor, musician Rev War who had an only sister Elizabeth Taylor who married Harman Stricklin and had several children. Said Elizabeth Taylor survived her brother Aaron, and she died sometime after he did leaving a son John Stricklin oldest male heir about 2 years ago John Stricklin died leaving an only child Elizabeth, lawful heir of Aaron Taylor aforesaid. (NC Rev. Military Papers, folders 116-118a Halifax Co NC Folder 122)

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