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* Covington, John, Amite Co., Mississippi 1837

I JOHN COVINGTON of the County of Amite In the State of Mississippi being in Sound Mind, do make and publish this my last Will and testament, hereby revoking and Making void all former wills by me at any Time heretofore made: and first I direct That my body be decently intered, and as To such worldly estate as it hath pleased God To intrust me with, I dispose of the Same as follows First I direct that all my Just debts Be paid as Soon as possible after my decease. Out of the first Moneys that Shall come into the Hands of My Executor from any portion of My Personal Estate to my son JOHN R. COVINGTON I give and Bequeath all my land containing one hundred and forty four & 01/100 acres out of which land It is my will that the Said JOHN R. COVINGTON Do pay his sister NANCY L. COVINGTON one hundred and fifty Dollars to My Son THOMAS COVINGTON I Bequeath one Cow or the Value of one Cow To MARY E. WHITAKER My daughter I Bequeath one Cow or the value of one Cow, to my Daughter
SUSAN E. WILLIAMS I give one Cow or the value of one Cow to my grandchildren FREDERICK, JOHN, and JANE BRASEL I give the Sum of twenty Dollars in money or in Property as best suits their conveniance, to my Son WILLIAM COVINGTON I give one Cow or the value of Cow After all my debts are Paid It is my will that all My Personal Property not mentioned In this my last will and testament be divided Equally between My Wife SUSAN P. and son JOHN R. and NANCY L. COVINGTON. And I do hereby appoint my Son JOHN R. COVINGTON Executor of this my last will and Testament.

Given under my hand and Seal this 10th day of September in the year A.D. 1837.


Signed, Sealed, and delivered In presence of us who have Subscribed in the Presence of each other THOMAS “X” MC DWEL, MARY McDOWELL, RILEY COCKERHAM.

State of Missi ) Probate Court

Amite County ) July Term 1838

This day came in Open Court THOMAS McDOWEL & MARY McDOWELL, who being duly Sworn swearth & Saith that they Saw JOHN COVINGTON sign seal & deliver the within Instrument & heard him publish & declare the Same to be his last will & Testament and that they together with the other Subscribing Witness, Signed the same as witnesses at his request, in the presence of the Testator & in presence of Each other.

NOTE: Frederick, John & Jane are the children of James Braswell & Eleanor Covington and James would appear to be the son of Frederick Sr. and his wife Elizabeth.