Friday, February 20, 2009

James Brazell, Troup Co., GA 1837


by Martha S. Anderson (an excerpt)

Soon after Troup County was settled, a small group of people started meeting for church services at the home of Archie Whatley, in the Antioch Community. In 1837, this group of pioneers established the Beulah Baptist Church.

In 1837, James Brazell deeded land to the Deacons of Beulah Baptist Church. The Deed, recorded in Book H, page 218 at the Troup County Courthouse, listed the land as being "the lots or parcels of land and roadways connected therewith to wit: commencing near fifteen rods North of the South East corner of lot of land number Seventy Six in the Fifteenth District of Original Carroll, now Troup County, running still North Seventeen and half rods, thence West Seventeen and half rods, thence East seventeen and half rods, to the place of beginning, forming a square of two acres, intending the meeting to be said the center of the said square, also a certain road leading from the North West corner of the above mentioned square, three rods wide running North West twenty one rods so as to embrace the spring that is used by said Church with full priviledge of the same, to have and to hold the above described land and road together with everything thereunto belonging in any wise appertaining unto the said John W. Burnett and Asa Edwards and ever in fee simple." Signed December 24, 1837, Witnessed by Willis J. Whatley and Jeremiah Mulloy.