Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jane Braswell & Samuel Williams

In studying the following records, it appears that Samuel Williams who married Jane Braswell (daughter of Richard I & Sarah) and Richard Williams (son of George & Joanna) whose daughter Christian married Sampson Braswell, are related.

The theory that Samuel & George are brothers is suggested on the Williams DNA website, although most are unaware that Jane is a Braswell. Jane is mentioned in her father's will as "Jane Williams" and the name Samuel Williams appears on deeds with Braswells.

It's interesting to note that Richard Melton sold land to George Williams who married Joanna, & Samuel Williams who married Jane Braswell on the north side of the "Morottock River". Equally as interesting are the names Benjamin Foreman, William Maule & Thomas Browne.

1706 - October 24, Roger Williams Will: Wife Mary. Sons Roger, George & Samuel. Wife Extrx & son Roger Extr. Wit: Nich. Smith, Benj. Foreman, Rand. Revell. (Surry Co., VA DB 5 Pg 431)

1722 - April 4, Richard Milton of Chowan Prect., Planter to George Williams of the Prect. afrsd., Planter 25 lbs Current Money of N.C. 640 acres on the north east side of Morattoke River, joining George Williams and Foreman. Wit.: William Maule, William Comrie Ack.: 5 Jul 1722 by Coll. William Maule before C. Gale, Ch. Just. Reg. 13 Jul 1722. (Chowan Co., NC Deed Book C, #1 - page 226)

1740 - May 10, Richard Williams to Jean Brown 12 pds for 200 A. Jane Brown "formerly wife of Thomas Brown Dec'd....I do make over to her lawful son Arthur Brown..." part of a tract containing 640 A which George Williams bought of Richard Melton adj Benjamin Forman, Jean Brown, Richard Melton. Witnesses: Jno Winns, J. Hollbrock. May Court 1740 ( Bertie Co., NC BK F PG 101)

1725 - May 12, Rich Milton/Melton to Sam'l Williams 8 pds for 320 A on NS Morattock River upon ye long Meadow part of patent formerly granted to Milton for 640 A 1 Apr 1723 Francis Parker jurat, Thos. Futrill. (Ibid BK B PG. 86)

1726 - February 5, Sam'l Williams & wife Jane to Wm. Ruffin of Surry Co. Va. 21 pds for 160 A on Morattock River and "the long meadow" at the Old Trading Path adj Clemmons Stradford. Tract formerly granted to Rich Milton for 640 A by patent dated 1 Apr 1723. Witnesses: Thos DW Jr.; John Hart. (Ibid BK B PG. 180)

1730 - December 30, Richard Melton to Richard Williams 15 pds for 600 A on NS Morattuck River adj Benjamin Foreman. Granted to R. Melton Mar 9, 1717. Witnesses: John Brown, Thomas Brown, George Williams. (Ibid BK C PG. 336)

1730 - December 30, Richard Melton to Benjamin Foreman Power of atty to ack land on Roanoke River (NS) cont 600 A to Richard Williams. Witnesses: John Brown, Thomas Brown, George Williams. (Ibid BK C PG. 337)

1739 - November 8, George Williams estate divided among widow, Thomas Williams, Roger Williams, Mary Harrell, Richard Williams, Eliza Williams & Jean Brown.

1748 - November 17, Samuel Williams Will: Wife Jane. Sons Sampson, William, Jacob, George & Samuel. Daughter Creese. Extrx: Wife Jane. Wit: John Pope, John Crudup & Morning Crudup. (Edge Co., NC)

1. Roger Williams
...+ Mary
......2. Roger Williams
......2. George Williams
..........+ Joanna
.............3. Richard Williams
.................+ Mary
....................4. Christian Williams
........................+ Sampson Braswell
......2. Samuel Williams
..........+ Jane Braswell

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