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* Edgefield Co., SC Misc. Deeds

- June 3, Deposition: Edward Couch said that he was present when Rachel Brazel & her son John McKenney had a conversation respecting a negro boy named Prince, who was the property of Valentine Brazel, husband of said Rachel Brazel. That said Rachel told the desponent that she was unwilling Valentine Brazel should ever have the boy & since her son had no money she would lend him a dollar which might be returned to be imprescences of the deponent as evidence of a contract..that the deponant is well convinced from the conversation that she intended to defraud her husband who was absent in Georgia of his right to said boy as she was provided with other property of less value which might have been sold in case of distress but to his knowledge said Valentine Brazel had furnished her with such necessities... S/ Edward Couch. Sworn by oath 3 Jun 1793 before Joseph Hightower, J.P. Rcd. 3 Jun 1794. (Pp. 456-457) Posted to the Braswell List by M.B. Watson.

1793 - November 31, Elisha Palmer & Mildred his wife to John Huffman, both of Edgefield County, South Carolina for 50 pounds sold 100 acres being part of a grant to Thomas Key adjacent Mrs. Logan, George Bussey, Junr, said Palmer, & Mrs. Braziel. S/ Alisha (X) Palmer, Mildred (X) Palmer. Wit: Demcy Bussey, Demcy (X) Hughs, George Bussey, Junr. In open Court 6 July 1795 Elisha Palmer acknowledges deed before R. Tutt, J.E.C. Plat: p. 235. (DB 12 1794-1796 Pg 235-236)

1794 - February 15, Edward Holmes, planter, to Phillip Ikner (Eikner], blacksmith. ?20, 20 acres on Mine Creek of Little Saluda, part of 100 acres originally granted to Drury Fort by Gov Wm Bull 1765, conveyed by Fort to Henry Bolton, from Bolton to Brittain Brasswell, and Braswell to sd Edward Holmes, 20 acres bounded by Mine Cr, sd Homes, heirs of Frederick Sisson, sd Eikenr. Wit. Solomon Eikner, Jonah Howell. /s/ Edward Homes. Suzion 15 Feb 1794. Proven 17 May 1794 by Solomon eikner; Henry King, J.P. Recorded 11th February 1797" (P 473-475) Posted to the Braswell List by M.B. Watson.

1794 – August 19, Valentine Brazeel, South Carolina, 96th District, Edgefield County, to James Herring of same state and county, 126 acres on “head of Edisto River south of Saluda below the Anchent Boundary near the Jester Pond beginning on the lands held by Thomas Adams and including the improvements that Briton Braziel now lives on at this present date” adj. Benjamin McKenney, part of 226 acres granted Valentine Braziel by Governor Charles Pinckney 4 April 1791. Signed Valentine (V) Brazeel. Witness: Edward Couch, Elisha Baronton, Biddy Bush. Proved 4 July 1796 by Biddy Bush; John Blocker, J.P. Recorded 4 July 1796. (DB 13 Pg 136-139)

1794 -
September, James Mathews & Dinah his wife to Sarah Braziel all of Edgefield Co., SC for ---sold 100 acres being part of a grant 25 December 1768 to William Braziel on Loyd's Creek of Savannah River. Signed: James Mathews, Dinah Mathews. Wit: Phil Capehart, Elizabeth Braziel, Henry Capehart, who swore by oath 7 May 1795 before Hugh Middleton J.P. Rec. 4 July 1795.

1794 - December 21, Valentine Brazel to Joseph McKinney, both of Edgefield Co. SC for 30 pounds, sold 100 acres originally granted 4 Apr 1791 at Colombia SC being on the south side of the Saluda River below the ancient boundary line on the Edisto River at the Sisters Pond adj. Manoah Hubert, Benjamin McKinney, & James Herring. S/ Valentine (V) Brazel. Wit. Benjamin McKinney, William Pardue, John McKinney, who swore by oath 6 Feb 1795 before Van Swearingen, J.P. Rcd. 8 Feb 1796. (P 542-545) Posted to the Braswell List by M.B. Watson.

1795 - December 17, Deed of Gift: William Braswell unto my children (viz) My sons, Jacob, William, Richard, John & Allen. To dau. Nancy, one cow, calf, feather bed /S/ William (X) Braswell Wit: Brittain Braswell, James Braswell who swore by oath 22 Dec 1795 before Wm. Daniel, J.P. Rcd. 23 Deec 1795 (P 470-471) Posted to the Braswell List by M.B. Watson.

1798 - September 14, Britain Brassell to His children. Deed of Gift, love & affection: to son William land whereon I now reside with my crop and tools; my son Isom blacksmith tools & colt name of Deller; daughter Polley & Barshaba two creatures known by name of Pullen and Sall and household furniture, to my daughters Elizabeth & Sarah the cattle, hoggs and geese with their increase. Wit John Wells, John Rogers /s/ Britain Brassell. Proven 27 Sept 1798 by John Roberts; Richard Tutt J.P. Rec 27 Sept 1798. (P 479-480) Posted to the Braswell List by M.B. Watson.

1801 - April 20, Zion Davis to John Rogers. $100, sixty acres adj. John Rogers corner, down Dry Creek to Josiah Davis's land. Wit: Wm. Braswell, Josiah Davis, William "X" Rogers. /s/ Zion Davis /s/ Margaret Davis. Proven 27 February 1802 by William Brassell who saw Zion Davis and Margret Davis his wife sign. /s/ William Braswell, Wm. Davis J.P. Recorded (obliterated) March 1805. (DB 26 P 43) Google Books

1801 - July 7, Zion Davis to Josiah Davis $45, twenty acres at Little Dry Creek adj. land of John Rogers. Wit: William Brassell, John Rogers, William "X" Rogers. /s/ Zion Davis (his mark =), Marget "M" Davis. Proved 3 November 1804 by John Rogers. (DB 25 P 107) Google Books

1803 - November 5, Brittain Brassell and William Brassell to John Pope, $209.94, three hundred sixty acres on Mine Creek and Dry Creek of Little Saluda River, being part of 922 acres originally granted to William Humphreys decd. by Gov. Charles Pinckney 7 May 1792, adj. Wm. Hardage, Sissom's land, Brittain Brassell, P. Eikner, Charleston road. Wit: Lewis Mobley, John Rainey, Park Ardagh. /s/ Brittain Brassell /s/ William Brassell. Proven 1 January 1804 by Patrick Ardagh, Russell Willson J.P. Recorded 3 January 1805. (DB 25 P146) Google Books

1805 - September 12, James Henderson of Abbeville District to Allen Glover, Deed of conveyance, Three hundred Dollars, one hundred acres on waters of Beaver Dam Creek adj land now belonging to Thomas Ramsay, Jesse Harris and Braseel. Wit: William Stalworth, Allen Burton. Signed James Henderson. Proved March 17, 1809 by Allen Burton. Creswell Moore J.P. Recorded June 13, 1809. (DB 29 Pg 444)

1806 - September 26, Allen Glover to Daniel English, Deed of conveyance, Five hundred Dollars, one hundred acres on waters of Beverdam Creek adj land now belonging to Thos Ramsey, Jesse Harris and Braseel. Wit: William Holladay, Eli Henderson. Signed: Allen Glover. Proved March 10, 1809 by Eli Henderson. Recorded June 13, 1809. (DB 29 Pg 443)

1808 - February 23, Henry Ray to John Lark, Deed of conveyance, Two hundred seventy five Dollars, one hundred fifty acres known by name of Bedford, it being a part of nine hundred twenty two acres originally granted to Wm Humphries 7 May 1792, conveyed by him to Britain Braswell, by him to John Pope, by John Pope to Henry Ray 2 January 1805, siuate on waters of Mine and Dry Creeks of Little Saluda. The 150 acres adjacent lands of Philip Ikener. Witness: Rowland Humphries, Samuel DeLoach, John Abney. Signed: H Ray. Justice John Pope certifies the relinquishment of dower rights by Elizabeth Marble Ray wife of Henry Ray, 10 July 1808. Signed: Elizabeth M B Ray. Proven 13 January 1809 by Rowland Humphries, Philip Raiford J P. Recorded 8 April 1809. (DB 29 Pg 413)

1809 - September 23, Richard Odum of Jones County, Georgia, to William Cates, $100 for 100 acres on Moors Creek of Little Saluda River, being part of land run for John Watson Senr and given by sd Watson to Mary Odom and Richard Odom her lawful heir. Wit: William Brassell, Green Wynn. Signed: Richard (R) Odom. Proven Jones County, Georgia, 1 August 1818 by William Brassell. Wm S Middlebrooks JP. (DB 35 Pg 440)

1811 - November 26, James Mathews and Dinah Mathews to Edmond Lamar, Deed, $850, 187.5 acres being part of 300 acres originally granted to William Breazeal on 12 December 1768 who died intestate and his only legal surviving heirs were Betsey Breazeal wife of Willis Breazeal and Dinah Mathews wife of above named James Mathews who after their fathers decease divised said land by agreement without administering on his estate. The tract now transfered is the dividend of Dinah Mathews, on Loyds Creek of Stephens Creek of Savannah River adjacent Charles Hammond, Samuel Dagnal. Wit: James Hunter, A. Hunter. Signed: James Mathews, Dinah (X) Mathews. Justice Charles Hammond certifies release of dower rights by Dinah Mathews wife of James Mathews, March 19, 1812. Signed: Dinah (X) Mathews. Rec: January 15 1817. (DB 33 Pg 268)

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NOTE: Valentine and his son Britain are from Chatham County North Carolina and are next found in Hancock County Georgia in 1795. This Britain married Latitia and named a son Valentine and is not to be confused with the Britton who married LaDicey Davis.

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