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* Siddey Braswell & Andrew Hartsfield Jr.

Siddey Braswell is often misreported to be Siddey Pitts. But it was Siddey's mother Elizabeth who was actually the Pitts, and named in the will of of John Pitts Senior. Elizabeth Pitts married Valentine Braswell Jr., who was the son of Valentine "V".

- November 29, JOHN PITTS, Senr., of Chatham County wrote his will in which he named daughters ELIZABETH BRASSEL, MARY LEAN(?), PEGEY MIMES, sons JOHN, Junr., JOSEPH. Son JOHN PITTS and “trusty friend ELISHA CAIN executors (copy on USGenWeb by Melinda Pitts Pennington)

1781 – August 24, ELIZABETH BRASSELL, widow of VALENTINE BRASWELL, Jr., married WILLIAM LYNN. Wake Co. Marriage Bond #02312. Bondsman: JAMES LYNN. Witness: THOMAS RICE.

1782 - February 12, Chatham County WILLIAM LINN to be Administrator of the estate of VOLENTINE BRASWELL, JUNR., DECEASED. 1,000 pound bond by WILLIAM LINN and JOHN PITTS. (copy of original from North Carolina Archives)

1782 – November – WILLIAM LYN, on motion is permitted to come in and defend his ward, VOLENTINE BRAZWELL, at the suit of JAMES WILLIAMS, Esqr. On entry on caveat, 640 acres of land on Haw River (pg. 20B, November 1782. Posted by Angela Meadows on Braswell List November 9, 2004) NOTE: See May 1778 record.

1784 - May Court VALENTINE BRASWELL, Jr., died intestate leaving EDY and SEDY BRASWELL. NOTE: Edith Braswell married Jeptha Freeman and Sedy Braswell married Andrew Hartsfield Jr.

1787 - EDY and SEDY BRASWELL heirs of VALENTINE BRASWELL, Junr., deceased granted 640 acres on east side of Haw River beginning above mouth of Duck Creek. Appears to be land Valentine Braswell purchased from Hector McNeal on July 23, 1778. (page 288, Deed Book D, Chatham Co. Register of Deeds and Copy of Grant #795 from Carey Bracewell)

1790 - August 8, Inventory of personal property of VOLLENTINE BRASWELL, Decd. and accounting of money paid from the estate which included “To money pd VOLINTINE BRASSWELL, Sinr a witness in the Suit of WILLIAMS vs the Orphans 40 pounds” and “To traviling twice from Chatham County to the State of Gorgia & all expenses, 26 pounds” NOTE: See 1794 listing of lands to be divided into thirds to give VALENTINE’s widow ELIZABETH her third. (Copy of original received from NC Archives)

1793 – October 18, ANDREW HARTSFIELD, Junior & SEDY, his wife of Wake Co., NC to THOMAS STOKES of Chatham County, 300 pounds current money, our undivided part of four parcels E of Haw River, mouth of Duck Creek, Shaddocks Creek, Cabbins Creek, RUTHERFORD’s line, ISHAM DANIEL’s line, ANDREW HARTFIELD, JEPTHA FREEMAN, DAVID CAVENAH. Signed ANDREW HARTSFIELD, SIDEY + HARTSFIELD Witness: W. Sane, Nilam Short (pages 188 & 189, Deed Book G, Chatham County Register of Deeds)

1793 – December 27, JEPTHA FREEMAN and EDY, his wife, of Chatham County, to THOMAS STOKES of same county, 500 pounds current money, interest in and to five several parcels of land in Chatham County on waters of Haw River, etc., it being the one half of the lands which were formerly the property of VALENTINE BRAZEL, Decd. and the tract
whereon the said FREEMAN now lives containing by estimation 620 acres. Signed JEPTHA + FREEMAN, EDY + FREEMAN. Wit: EDMUND BRANCH, JOSEPH JOHNSON, WM. MINTER. Chatham County February Sessions 1794. (pages 213 & 214, Deed Book G, Chatham County Register of Deeds)

1794 – February 14, To the Justices of Chatham County, the answer of STEPHEN FREEMAN and EDY his wife, ANDREW HARTSFIELD and SEDY his wife,
heir of VALENTINE BRASWELL, dec’d. and the answer of THOMAS STOKES, Esqr. To petition of JOSEPH HARMAN of Chatham Co., planter, & ELIZABETH his wife late ELIZ. LINN and formerly ELIZ. BRASWELL widow – (copy of original received from NC State Archives)

1794 – February – Chatham Co., NC - Land to be divided in thirds to give VALENTINE BRASWELL, Jr.’s widow ELIZABETH her dowry.

100 acres on Cabin Branch a prong of Shaddoxes Creek. (grant #257, 1780)

640 acres on east side of Haw River above mouth of Duck Creek. (bought
from Hector McNeil on July 23, 1778)

300 acres on Shadocks Creek (grant 11/1/1784)

23 acres on eastside of Haw River (grant 3/30/1780)

200 acres on south prong of the Great Branch, the waters of Shaddox Creek. (See Grant #395, Mar 31, 1780)

(copy of original from North Carolina Archives)

NOTE: Valentine’s widow, Elizabeth, married William Lynn on August 24, 1781. He died before August 8, 1790. She then married Joseph Harman

1801 –November 10, EDITH FREEMAN, formerly EDITH BRASWELL, SIDEY HARTSFIELD, formerly SIDEY BRASWELL, co-heirs of VALENTINE BRASWELL, dec’d. to THOMAS STOKES, for $1200, 640 acres on the east side of the Haw River, bounded by the lands granted DAVID CAVENAH, JOHN RAMSEY, decd. Signed EDITH + FREEMAN, SEDY + HARTSFIELD, relinquished, signed & delivered in presence of Open Court, November Session 1801. (pages 317 & 318, Deed Book L, Chatham County Register of Deeds)

Thank you to the dear cousins who researched for decades the old fashioned way and generously provided this information.