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A History of Marion County, South Carolia

A History of Marion County, South Carolina, from its earliest times to the present, 1901 By W. W. SELLERS, Esq.

Pg 299

James McArthur was one of the original settlers on the north side of Hays Swamp and on the North Carolina State line; he married a Miss Campbell and raised a family of three sons and four daughters. The eldest daughter, Effie, married GADI BRASWELL, and her only son, RICHARD H. BRASWELL, now owns and lives upon a part of the old McArthur lands or homestead, just across the State line.

Pg 328-329

...Nathan Butler, son of old Isham, was another of the first settlers ; he had four sons. Dempsy, the eldest, married his cousin, Laney; Solomon married POLLY BRASSWELL and had no children; Samuel married MILLY BRASSWELL, and went to Georgia; James, the youngest, married the Widow Jane Davis — all of them are dead. Laney, the wife of Dempsy, according to the census return of her son, Alfred, in 1890, was 110 years old ; she, too, is now dead. As to the age of Laney, as above, the writer has something to say. Dempsy Butler, her husband, was killed by a man by the name of McCormick, in 1859. I was a Magistrate at the time, and was sent for to hold an inquest; I went and held it ; it was right on the North Carolina State line, and as the line was shown to me by those present, the killing was about five feet in South Carolina; he was killed by a stab with a knife, in the abdomen...

Pg 377

William B. Gasque married, a second time, a Miss Clark, daughter of Kenneth Clark, and by her had George K., Robert, James and Sallie, now the wife of W. B. R. Gasque ; also, MRS. JEFFERSON BRASWELL and Mrs. Mitchel Lane.

Pg 486

Neill McEachern emigrated from Scotland with his then family to Marion County, S. C, in the first part of the nineteenth century...he married, in Scotland, Miss Effa McKellar; they had four sons, Duncan, Daniel, Gilbert and John, and two daughters, Sallie and Elizabeth...Effa, the second daughter of old Daniel, married RICHARD BRASWELL, of North Carolina, just across the State line ; they have two daughters only, Mary and Isla. Mary is married to Thompson Williams, of North Carolina. Isla is yet single. RICHARD BRASWELL is doing well.

Pg 610

BRASWELL, J. R., Fifth Sergeant. Prom

Pg 622

BRASWELL, JACK G., Marion. Died North Carolina hospital,