Monday, December 14, 2009

Marion Co., SC Deeds

- March 2, Indenture. Stephen Gibson of Georgetown District SC to Henry Brasswell of same place for L30 sterling 100 acres being part of 204 acre tract NEs Little Pee Dee River binding on Hase Swamp being the N part of the 204 acre tract ... plat annexed ... granted 1789 to Stephen Gibson Grant Book A, No. 5, P. 174. Signed: Stephen Gibson. Wit: William Hooks, Danl McDearmid. Proved before Valontine Rowell, JP, 8 February 1789. Rec & Ex 3 April 1811. Thos Harllee, RMC (E 314-316)

- April 15, Indenture. Sampson Powell of Georgetown District to Henry Brasswell of same place for L30 sterling 150 acres NEs Little Pee Dee River binding on Hayses Swamp ... SW, SE, NE to state line ... granted in 1789 to Sampson Powell. Signed: Sampson (his mark) Powell. Wit: James McWilliams, Elias (his mark) Powell. Proved before Lewis Harrelson, JP, 25 August 1798. Rec. 13 April 1811. Thos Harllee RMC. (Marion Co., SC DB E Pg 317-318)

- January 20, Samuel Peacock to James Brasswell in consideration of 5 pounds sterling paid by Jas. Brasswell sold unto James Brasswell a piece of land of 20 acres on Jumping Gully in the fork of Jesse Winslows Mill Swamp. Samuel Peacock. Witnesses: Holloway Abbott, Jesse Winslow. Probated by Jesse Winslow 10 February 1798 before Valentine Rowell, J.P. (Abstracts of Marion County SC Deed Books "O" and "P" Pg 133-134)

1798 - January 29, Holloway Abbott to James Braswell in consideration of 25 pounds sterling paid by James Brasswell sold unto James Brasswell a certain piece of land containing 157 acres beginning at a gum in branch etc being part of two tracts of land granted to Holly Abbott 19 February 1791 lying on both sides of Jumping Gully. Signed: Holloway Abbott. Witnesses: Jesse Winslow, John Abbott. Probated by Jesse Winslow 10 February 1798 before Valentine Rowell. (Abstracts of Marion County SC Deed Books "O" and "P" Pg 132)

1814 - June 17, Stephen Gibson of Glen County Georgia, planter to Archibald McCormage of Marion District planter for $60 tract adjacent North Carolina line, Henry Braswell & Wm Hooks on contrary swamp 100 acres granted to Stephen Gibson. Signed: Thomas Harllee attorney for Stephen Gibson. Wit: Charity (her mark) Coward, Riley Kersey. Proved before Hector McNeill, JP, 27 July 1814. Rec. & Ex. by Thos Harllee, RMC, 1 August 1814. (Marion Co., SC DB F 212-213)

1816 - October 1, Edward Campbell of Marion District to Neill McCormage of Robeson Co., NC, for $600 367 acres where I live, waters of Hasy swamp line running SE, NW, N, Braswells line NW, SW, NW, SW, NW, NW, SW to Mill branch SE, NW to Mill branch up Branch to a gum, NW, being 1 tract granted to Stephen Gibson for 200 acres part of 1 tract granted to Edward Campbell for 100 acres & part of tract granted to Duncan Campbell the whole joining each other containing 367 acres. Signed: Edward (his mark) Campbell. Wit: Daniel Campbell, Thos. Harllee, CCP. (Not probated) Rec. & Ex. 22 October 1816 by Thos. Harllee, RMC. (Marion Co., SC DB F Pg 367) KBD

1816 - October 11, Indenture. Colen Edwards to William Powell for $50 150 (acres?) on NEs little Pee Dee being part of a grant to Stephen Gibson transferred to Richard Edwards & from Edwards to his father Samuel Edwards & then left to his son Colin in his last will & testament the land being on the Widow Hooks line S to Stephen Butler line E to Jordan Powell N to beginning. Signed: Colin (his mark) Edwards. Wit: Tobias Brasswell, John McCormaig. Pr before Daniel Campbell, JP, 29 March 1817. Rec 14 October 1823. (Marion Co., SC DB K Pg 196)

1817 - November 3, Jethro Deans to Henry Blanchet indenture made between Jethro Deans of Georgia and Henry Blanchet of South Carolina Jethro in consideration of $170.00 paid by Henry Blanchet sold unto Henry that tract of land containing 177 acres more or less conveyed by two deeds both are dated 29 January 1798 one for 20 acres and the other for 157 First conveyed from Holloway Abbott to Jas. Brasswell Second from Samuel Peacock to said Brasswell (above date) signed Jethro Deans. Witnesses: Ebenezer Thompson, D. Carmichael, J.P. Probated by Duncan Carmichael before J.B. Hays, J.P. 15 October 1831. (Abstracts of Marion County SC Deed Books "O" and "P" Pg 134-135)

1819 - June 10, Nathan Butler of Marion District to Peter MacCormick of same place for $130 137 acres adjacent William Braswell on Ns runs SE through long Bay corners in a flat, S adjacent William Butlers line W near Huckleberry Bay 137 acres granted to William Butler. Signed: Nathan (his mark) Butler, Elizabeth (her mark) Butler, William (his mark) Butler, Stephen (his mark) Butler. Wit: Greenwood (his mark) Watson, Archibald McCormaig. Pr before Herod Stackhouse, J.P. 5 February 1820. No Rec. date (Marion Co., SC DB I Pg 244-246)

1820 - August 16, Peter MacCormick in consideration of $75 paid by William Winslow of Marion District SC sold unto William Winslow all that tract of land in Marion District adjoining land belonging to William Braswell on the north side beginning at an ould pine and runs thence a SE course through the long Bay and corners on a pine in a flat and runs thence SW course to a pine joining William Butlers line and runs thence north west course to a stake near the Huckleberry Bay containing 76 1/2 acres of land granted to William Butler Sr. Signed: Peter MacCormick Witnesses: Jesse Ford, Isom (his mark) Butler. Probated by Isham (his mark) Butler 18 October 1825 before Neil MacCormick Recorded 14 March 1827 (Marion Co., SC Deed Books L,M,N 1824-1831 Pg 33-34)

1822 - December 18, Henry Brasswell of Marion District & Richard Brasswell of North Carolina to Gideon Yelventon 200 acres on Hayses Swamp beginning on the State on a ash thence along sd line SE to a corner in sd Swamp NW, NW, NE, NE, NW, E. Signed: Henry Brasswell, Richard Brasswell. Wit: James Brasswell, John Miller. Proved before Thos. Harllee, Queo, 18 December 1822. Rec 29 September 1823. (Marion Co., SC DB K Pg 182-183)

1823 - May 2, Gedion Yelverton of Robeson County, NC to Elizabeth Brasswell of Robeson County NC for $100 200 acres Es little Pee dee on Hayes Swamp beginning on the state line NW, NE, NW, NE, NE, NW, E to State line along sd line to beginning, it being part of two tracts, one surveyed for Richard Brasswell, the other part of tract surveyed for Stephen Gibson. Signed: Gideon Yelventon. Wit: Henry Brasswell, Milley Brasswell. Pr before Tho Harllee, Queo, 20 May 1823. Rec 24 September 1823. (Marion Co., SC DB K Pg 168)

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