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1783 - Valentine & Henry Braswell

To all persons to whome these presents shall come greeting Know Ye that I Valentine Braswell of the County of Wilks and province of Georgy and in the Consideration of the Sum of ten pounds Space to me in hand paid before the Insealing well and truly paid by Henry Braswell of the County of Chatham and province of North Carolina the receipt I do Acknowledge and myself herewith fully satisf.d and contented hereof and every part and parcel thereof I do Exonerate --just and Discharge the said Henry Braswell his heirs Executors administrators forever by these presents have given granted bargained Sold and conveyd and Confirmed and by these presents unto the said Henry Braswell his heirs and assigns forever one Certain tract or parsel of Land lying and being in the county of chatham and province of North Carolina Containing by Estimation one hundred two Acres of Land be the Same more or less Buted and bounded lying on the South Side of Cape fair River Beginning in Sd. Henry Braswell own line at a red oak running south eighty seven poles to a Black oak thence East one hundred and sixty poles to a Red Oak thence North one hundred and forty poles to a post Oak thence West at forty four poles to a Stake in the sd. Henry Braswell line thence south along his line fifty four poles to a Black Oak at the Corner thence west along his other line one hundred and sixty poles to the first station To have and to hold the said Land with all the appurtancees priviledges and Commodities to the belongin or in Anywise appertaining to ---- the sd. Henry Braswell his heirs and assigns forever to his and their proper use benefit and behalf forever and I the sd. Valentine Baswell (sic) his heirs assigns that before the ensealing hereof I am the Sole and Lawfull Owner of the above bargained premises and Lawfully ------ posesed of the same in my own proper Right as A good perfect and absolute Estate Inheritance in ------ I have in myself good right full power and lawfu athority to grant Bargain Sell convey and confirm the said bargaind premises in manner above sd. and that the sd. Henry Braswell his heirs and assigns shall and may from Time to Time and all Times forever hereafter by and ------ of ---------into lawfully and peasable and Quietly have hold ---Occupy posses and enjoy the sd. Demised Bargained premises with the Appertainces free and Clear and Clearly Acquited Exonerated and discharged of all incumbrances of forms or other gifts grants Bargains Sails leases morgages Will intails ------Dowreys In-gmints Executions incumbrances and ------- further more I the Sd. Valentine Braswell for myself my heirs and Executors and Administrators do Covenant and ingage the Above Demised premises to him the Sd. Henry Baswell (sic) his heirs and assigns against the Lawfull Claims or Demands of Any persons whatsoever hereafter to Warrant Secure and Defend In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my Seal this present Day of May the 18th A.D 1783
Signed Seald in the}
presents of us} Valentine his V mark Baswell (sic) {Seal}
John Womack}
Perion his + mark Pharow
Chatham County February Term 1784
the above Deed was duly proved in Open Court
by the oath of John Womack and Ordered to be Registered
Test Ramsey ------

(Chatham Co., NC DB C Pg 143-144)

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