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* David Braswell & Nancy Rutherford

- July 24, William Bracewell entered 393 acres on the north side of Pigg Basket Creek, joining Bracewell's corner, Young's corner, Irby's corner, Robert Young. Wits: Dun Lamon, Geo. Brown. SCC: David Braswell, Wm. Hunt. (Edgecombe Co., NC. Nona Williams website)

1761 - September 22, Aaron Daniel Nuncupative Will: L4-4S to David Brasell. All wearing close (sic), tools, and saddle bags divided between David and Samuel Brassell. Taken before me (signed) Elisha Battle. Witnessed and proved Dorcas Powell on oath of D. Powell. Sept. Ct., 1761 (Edgecombe Co., NC. Posted @ rootsweb by Joyce Zachman)

1762 - January 26, William Braswell to Samuel Braswell 196 acres on the north bank of Pig Basket Creek adj. both parties and Wm. Hunt, Irby and Robert Young, it being part of a tract of 393 acres granted to said William Braswell by Earl Granville in 1761. Wit: James Hale, David Braswell. Recorded January Ct. 1762 (Edge. Co., DB 1 Pg 465. Nona Williams website)

1762 - March 23, William Braswell, Edge. Co to David Braswell, county aforesaid for 5 pds proc money, a tract on the north side of Stoney Creek beginning at white runs north 40 east 180 poles to a black oak then north along the said line to a pine then a line of new marked trees to red oak on the said creek then down the creek to the first station, signed William Braswell, wit Samuel Bridgen (proved), Benjn Bridgers. Recorded March Ct. 1762 (Edge. Co., NC DB 1 Pg 238 CTC)

1762 - September, Ordered jury to lay out road near Jno Hatchers plantation up the nearest & best way to the road near Whiteheads old store house from whence by the Falls of Arthur Whitheads mill swamp a little below the mouth of the Tarr with the new the (?nearest / inwardest?) & best way into Jeffries road about Francis Parkers - to wit: Jacob Whitehead, Simon Johnston, Robt. Mainor, William Anderson, Jno. Hatcher, (Sr?), Robert Rose, Hardyman Pope, John Sikes, Arthur Whitehead, Ebenezer Folsome, Henry Beckworth, Mathew Drake, Nath'l Drake, Fras. Parker, Isaac Hilliard, John Stallions, Jno Hatcher, Jr, Francis Jones, William Langley, and that the following hands work & clear the same, to wit: William Braswell, Sr., David Braswell, William Hunt, Ebenezer Folsome, William Daniel, Isaac Hilliard, Francis Jones, Mary Williams & that Henry Beckworth be overseer of the above hands from Jeffries Road to Whitehead's store & that the following hands work on the same road from the old store to Hatcher's Plantation, to wit: Jacob Whitehead, William Whitehead, Jno. Jenkins, Hardyman Pope, Wm. Langly, John Stallions, William Taylor, John Spikes, John Woodard, William Spikes, Thos. Spikes, Geo. Harral, West Pope, Simon Johnson, Elias Hilliard, John Hatcher, Jr., Robert Rose, Wm. Hicks, Robert Trevathan, Jno. Sikes, Robert Mainor, Jesse (?Freas/ Francis?), Aaron , Wm. Anderson, Joseph Philips, Sarah Ross, Thos. Pre***? & John Nails & that Simon Johnson be o'seer of same. (Edge Co., NC)

1762 - September 14, David Braswell & Nancy Ratterford (Edge. Co., NC County Court Records - FHL # 0296815-0296817

1762 - November 30, Samuel Braswell & Mary Williams Bondsman: David Braswell. Witness: John Spendelow. (North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868, Bond date 30 Nov.1762 BOND #000042967. Image # 008699, Edgecombe Co. Record # 01024. Nona Williams & Ruby Norton)

1763 - October 12, David Braswell and Nancy Braswell, his wife, Edge. Co to William Bizzell, county aforesaid for (160 pds), a tract on the north side of Stony Creek part of a Granville grant to William Braswell, Sr, dated 28 Feb 1743 and conveyed by him to the said David Braswell by deed 28 Mar 1762, beginning at a white oak on the run of the creek patent corner then running north 40 east 180 poles to a black oak then north 50 west to a pine then aline of new marked trees to the said creek a red oak then down the various courses of the creek to the first station, containing 400 acres, signed David Braswell, Nancy Braswell, wit Nathan Boddie, Micajah Thomas. Recorded October Ct. 1763 (Edge. Co., NC DB C Pg 86 NOTE: FILM HARD TO READ. CTC.)

1765 - October 13-14, John Wilson to David Braswell 200 acres in what was to become Newberry Co., South Carolina. (See 1789 deed)

1772 - January 6, William Bizell and wife, Hannah, Edge. Co to Richard Vick, county aforesaid for 160 pds VA, a tract on the north side of Stony Creek being part of a tract Granted to William Braswell, SR by patent 28 Feb 1743 and conveyed by David Braswell to said William Bizell on 23 Mar 1762, beginning at a white oak on said Stony Creek Run, the patent corner then north 40 east 180 poles to a black oak then north 50 west to a pine then along a line of marked trees to the said creek a red oak then down the various courses of the creek to the first station containing 400 acres, signed William Bizell, Hannah Bizell (X), wit Eb Tolson, Thomas Willis, (Wilson Clicke). Dower released. Recorded November Ct. 1772 (Edge. Co., NC DB 2, Pg 16 CTC)

1782 - April 19, David Brasil listed on "South Carolina Casualties" List of Murdered Loyalists. (Phil Norfleet's website)

1782 - November 8, David Braswell's estate. Lewis Clark and John Douglas bond for Russell Wilson Administrator. Wit: Patrick Gibson, Robert Anderson.

1782/3 - February 8, Appraisers Andrew Lee, Louis Manning, Thomas Gibson Sr. and Thomas Gibson Jr. White Hall, 96th District, South Carolina.

1785 - March 4, William Braswell of Nash Co., NC writes his will naming wife Margaret, sons Jacob, Arthur & Samuel, & daughters Patience West, Dorcas Hooks & Pattey Bridgers. Not mentioned are sons William & David who predeceased their parents and were not mentioned in the will. Witnesses were West Daniel, Micajah Braswell, Jacob Warrenton.

1789 - William Braswell of Newberry County, planter, to Samuel Waites of same for 10 pounds SC money, 200 acres in Newberry County on north side Saludy River adj. Andrew Lee, David McLaran, tract granted to John Wilson and conveyed to David Braswell 13 & 14 October 1765 and from him to his son William Braswell being his Heir in Law. William Braswell (seal) Wit: Jacob Harrell, John Waits, Jonathan Wates. Proved in Newberry County by the oath of John Waites 1 June 1789 before Philemon Waters, J.P. Recorded 18 August 1789. Newberry Co., SC, Deed Abstracts, A, 765-769. Lease and Release 29 & 30 May 1789.

1814 - May 16, orator sold to Thos. Riddlespurger for $1480.62 1/2 a tract of land in Newberry Dsit., called Stoney Battery containing 31 acres adj. orator, Francis Hatton, Jacob Hawkins & Wm. Braswell, dec'd. Thomas, after paying only a small part of the money, sold it to Wm. Braswell, now dec'd. Thomas Riddlespurger, in 1817, before his note came due left the state and resides in parts unknown to orator. Wm. Braswell died in 1816 intestate, left widow Susan and the following children: Rutherford & Allen of full age, David, Arthur, Polly, Betsey, James, William, Aaron & Nancy infants under 21. (Posted @ rootsweb by Gayle Braswell Ellison)

1818 - February 21, Bill for Discovery and Relief. filed 21 Feb. 1818. William Hawkins vs. George D. Lester, administrator of William Braswell, dec'd, Susan Braswell, Rutherford Braswell, Allen Braswell; and minors David, Arthur, Polly, Betsey, James, Williams, Aaron, Nancy Braswell by their guardian, Rutherford Braswell. (Newberry SC Equity Records, from Some South Carolina County Records, Vol. 2, by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Editor. Box #1, pk. #25: 1818. Posted @ rootsweb by Gayle Braswell Ellison)

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