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* Valentine Braswell & Jane Pope

- June 22, Sarah Bryant to John Dew power of attorney to relinquish Dowery 640 acres to William Brasswell & 150 acres to Valentine Brasswell. Wit. Thomas Kirby Sr., Henry Wheeler. (Chowan #714 p.125)

1715 - July 16, James Bryant & Sarah Bryant to Valentine Brasswell 30 pounds 150 acres on west side Quonke branch above the Old Field, part of patent 1 Apr 1714. Wit. John MackNeille, Sarah Stewart. (Chowan #715 p.126)

1715 - July 19, Thomas Brown of Chowan and wife Christian to Daniel McDaniel, gift to son in law 100 acres adjacent old Tree Swamp. Wit. Jacob X Lewis. Val X Brasswell. (Chowan #755 p.177)

NOTE: Thomas Brown is the brother in law of Martha Braswell Brown Murphey.

1720 - Vall Brasel & Jacob Brassell with brother in laws Samuel Williams & William Murphy listed on NC Early Census Index (Albemarle Couny, Roanoke River, Dare County)

1721 - April 15, Valentine Brasswell and wife Jeane to John Cotton Esq power attorney to sell land on Urharra Swamp "the manor plantation of Valentine Brasswell to John Blackmon. Wit. Josiah Bridges Robert Patterson. (Bertie Deed A-64)

1721 - July 13, Valentine Brasswell of Chowan and wife Jane to "trusty and well beloved friend" Barnaby Mackinney power attorney to relinquish dower to John Pope of aforesaid precinct Wit. William Pope, William X Ledbetter. (#583 p.195)

1721 - July 13, Valentine Brasswell to John Pope of Chowan 10 pounds 200 acres adjacent Urohon Swamp & a small branch and is land where said Pope now lives. Wit. William Pope Wm X Ledbetter. (#584 p.185)

1721 - September 3, Valentine Brasswell & wife Jene to John Blackman 30 pounds 150 acres purchased of Jeames Briant patent 1 Apr 1719 now in possession of John Blackman on west side (Quonks) Branch. Wit. Jeames Bryant. Sarah Bryant. (Bertie A-63)

1721 - October 21, Mary Braswell of Albemarle purchased 190 acres for 20 pounds on the north side of Mehering River from William and Mary Collins of Nansemond. Wit. Joseph Darden, Matt Williams. (Chowan Deed C1 #1410 p.182)

NOTE: The above deed is evidence that Valentine's brother, William was deceased.

1722 - April 4, Valentine Braswell & William Braswell land case. Had petition for 640 acres lying at Urah Swamp but had allowed the claim to lapse by not settling on the land (Clarke, State Records of North Carolina, from Carey Bracewell)

1722 - December 3, Valintine Braswell and wife Jean to John Blackmon 50 pounds 440 acres adjacent John Pope, William Bryant, patent 9 March 1717/8. Wit. Samuel Williams, Nathaniel Piggott, John Cotton Atty. (Bertie A-61)

1723 - March Court, Speir v. Braswell. Debt. Attachment Original. John Speir comes to prosecute an Original Attachment granted to him by Christopher Gale Esqr Cheif Justice against the estate of Valentine Brasswell returnable to this Court wherein the said John complains that whereas the said Valentine oweth to him the said John and from him unjustly detaineth two hundred and ten pounds of porke and one five year old steer the same being due by bill under the Defendante's hand and that he suspects the aforesaid Valentine is removing in order to conceall and withdraw himself out of the Government, etc. (General Court, Higher Court Minutes, page 364, copy from Eunice Young)

1723 - July Court, Speir v. Brasswell, Vide page 321 Sect. 5. Discontinued per plaintiffe. And now here at this day came the aforesaid John Speir and prayed discontinuance of his attachment aforesaid wherefore it is considered that the said Valentine Brasswell may go hence without day and that the said John may be from hence in mercy and that he pay costs alias execution. (1709-1723 General Court Higher-Court Minutes. Page 402 Copy from Eunice Young)

1724 - July 28, Richard Braswell Will: Wife Sarah. Sons: Richard, Robert, Valentine, Jacob, John. Daughters: Martha Murfy, Ann Strickland, Jane Williams. Grand daughter Susannah. Extrx: Wife Sarah. Wit: Edward Powers Sr., Edward Powers. (IOW Co., VA BK II Pg 174)

NOTE: Son William who was married to Mary died 1720/21 in Chowan.
William's widow married Moses Ginn.

1726 - Moses Ginn and Wife Mary to John Power 50 pounds 300 acres on north side Meherring River adjacent William Bracewell. Wit. John Bonde, John Dew. (Bertie Deed B-188)

1727/8 - March 5, Currituck, Valentine Brasswel - listed in survey of west side of Nottoway River - At 150 chains from Do (Nottoway) Valentine Brasswel bore N. 100 yds. A journal or field book of the proceedings of the surveyors appointed for determining the bounds between the Colonies of Virginia and Carolina (Colonial Records of North Carolina, Volume 2, page 807)

1728 - May 28, Henry Pope Will: Wife Sarah. Sons: William, Henry, Richard, Jacob, John, Joseph, Thomas, Samuel. Daughters: Mary Williams, Jane Brassell, Morning Pope. (IOW Co., VA WB 3 Pg 127-128)

1729 - July 14, “Came before me Volintine Brasswell Planter & John Powers Merct, and acknowledged themselves to be indebted to our sovereign Lord King George the Second his heirs & successors in the penal sum of twenty pounds each to be leveied on their goods & chattles lands & tenants with condition that if the above bound Volintine Brasswell shall true and faithfully keep the peace of our Lord the King & all his Majestys Leige People & Expressally to Sarah Taylor who hath this day sworne the peace against him the sd Brasswell from the date hereof for & during the space of one year and a day......Acknowledged by John Dew who was apparently, from other court cases in Bertie County was the equivalent of a Clerk of Courts, (copy of original found in Colonial Court Papers. Criminal Papers - General Court, 1729 CCR 174 received from Carey Bracewell)

1729 - New Actions to November Court: Lane vs Brasswell - Case - Exd wth Surty - discontd - Val Brasswell to pay costs (Bertie County Miscellaneous Dockets, County Court, 1725-1790, Archives, Raleigh received from Carey Bracewell)

1730/1 - August 1730 Term (estimated date) Thursday 11. A warrent this day ret'd of Mr. Dew on a complaint of Thos Keary (Kirby?) against Val Brasswell J. Gluck?? is ref'd til the next court and that parties have notice to attend that day.

A warrant from Mr. Dew on complaint of Val Brasswell agat Thos Kearsey (Kirby?) was ret'd and ordered to be continued over to the next court and that the parties have notice to attend (USGenWeb Bertie County court transcribed by Phil Jones)

1740 - February 25, Jacob Braswell #335, Richard Braswell #336 and Valentine Braswell were jurymen for Bertie and Edgecombe Counties, NC (1740 Bertie-Edgecombe List of Jurymen - NC secretary of State, "The Colonial Records of North Carolina", Vol. 4, page 523+)

1744 - March 4, Sampson Williams to Samuel Williams 30 pounds 320 acres north side Tarr River & both sides of mouth of Cypress Creek where Valentine Braswell now lives. Wit. Mourning x Braswell. (Edgecombe 5-462)

1746 - October 6, Moses Ginn is listed for land entry in the Deep River area of Bladen County. Grant not ripened. (genforum)

1746 - October 6, Joshua Ginn sells 350 acres in Bladen County where he now lives to Valentine Bracewell. This land is on the SW side of Deep River beginning at the lower end of the great falls, running down E. Moseley. Money paid was ten pound paper. (genforum)

1748 - January 30, Valentine Bracewell surveyed 200 acres in Early Granville's boundaries in Johnston County "beginning at a pine in the fork of Middle Creek on the south side of Popular Branch..." Chain bearers: John Dover and Richard Bracewell (SS 680 Land Entries,
Warrants & Surveys, Johnston, 1746-1762)

1748 - November 17, Samuel Williams Will: Wife Jane. Sons: Sampson, William, Jacob, Samuel, George. Daughter Creese. Extrx: Wife Jane. Wit: John Pope, John Crudup & Morning Crudup. (Edgecombe Co., NC)

NOTE: Samuel Williams' wife Jane was the sister of Valentine Braswell.

1748 - December 5, Joshua Ginn and James Cone are listed as chainbearers for platted land purchased by William Burk on the Haw River area of Bladen County. (genforum)

1751 - November 22, "Surveyed for Thomas Davis a Plantation containing 640 acres of land lying in Johnston County in the fork of Middle Creek including the place Valentine Bracewell now lives on...(NC State Archives, Raleigh: Secretary of State, Granville Land Grants, Johnston County, SSLG 71-D)

1751 - November 22, 300 acres surveyed for John Smith of Johnston County, planter, on N side of Buckhorn Cr. Including place called Beartee. Saml. Smith & Richard Braswell CC (Survey lists Bladen County. SSLG 1100-D, also NC Patent Book 12:32)

1752 - Orange County formed from Bladen, Granville and Johnston Counties.

1753 - September, Richard Braswell and Valentine Braswell sued by William Burk in the General Court. The county noted is Bladen, with the further note: "Not to be found" and an alias was issued. (General Court Papers, Dockets, 1752-1753)

1753 - November 13, Valentine Brasswell, Senior enters 150 acres of land in Orange County on the south side of Walnut branch then across the Branch & up on bouthe sides for compliment including the improvements of Benjamine Clements.

Richard Braswell son of Volentine enters 640 acres of land in Orange County on the north side of New Hope crossing the Creek & down on bouthe sides for compliment between Bur Butons & --ropels (?) including the Dogwood Creek This entry had an X through it.

1753 - December 3, Warrant from Granville to Valentine Braswell, Senr. for 150 acres in Orange County beginning on the south side of Walnut Branch across the Branch & upon both sides for complement, including the improvements of Benjamin Clement. Entered November 13, 1753. On the reverse side: Valentine Braswell - New Hope. Col. Haywood & Tho
Davis to paye. Surveyed & Paid. Tho Davis Deed May 16th 1756. Orange 1753 (SS 701 Land Warrants, Orange, 1751-1754)

1755 - June 2, William Pickett 456 acres on Braswel’s line W crossing Beartree Creek to Parkers’s corner surveyed by Orange Co. Surveyor. Order to survey was dated February 26, 1755 for 640 acres on both sides of Parker’s Branch, the waters of New Hope, joining Rich Parker’s line and Valentine Braswell’s line. Granted July 24, 1760 (SSLG 97-M, also NC Patent Book 12:20 from Eunice Young and Carey Bracewell)

1755 - July 8, Thomas (X) Brigman to John Campbell, both planters of Cumberland, for 24 pounds sterling, 150 acres on SW/S of Cape Fear River on western prong of Lick Creek, about a mile or 2 above Beartree Creek at John Copland’s corner on E/S of sd creek, part of a 300 acre patent to sd Thos. Brigman, 6 March 1754. Wit: John Williams, Rchd. Bracewell (page 43, Book 1)

1755 - August 30, Richard Braswel & Ephraim Sizemore sworn chain carriers for 122 acres surveyed for Thomas Davis of Edgecomb County, gentleman, ten shillings, on Walnut Br. waters of New Hope including Clement's improvements, begin at a red oak, W crossing the branch several times 35 ch. to a pine, N 35 ch. to a forked red oak, E 35 ch. to a pine, S 35 ch. to first station, 122 acres, four shillings eleven pence rent per year. on May 10, 1756 (SSLG 88-K) (Ed Note: see also N.C. Patent Book 14:391) (Granville Proprietary Deeds and Surveys 1752-1760, Orange County, North Carolina, Vol. 5. Copy from Eunice Young and Carey Bracewell )

1755 - Richard Braswell 1 son, 1 slave; skip 9 names then Moses Ginn. (1755 Orange County Tax List)

1756 - March 9, At the end of the 1755 tax list it is stated: "I am of the opinion that there may be to the number of thirty who have concealed themselves and about twenty who have Inlisted themselves twice. March 9th 1756, Attested By Jas. Watson, Clerk Cut."

1756 - November Supreme Court, North Carolina, Salisbury Valentine Brazill, Senr., late of Orange County, Planter otherwise called Valentine Brazill Senr of the Province of North Carolina and County of Johnston Planter was summond to answer James render to him 50 pounds Virginia Currency...which he owes.....the said Valentine the twentieth day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty four at Rowan County....acknowledged in writing (copy of document - DSCR 207.324.1, Salisbury District Court, Miscellaneous Papers, 1755-1756, Folder #2, 1756) NOTE: See September 1766 - "put off docket" when not found.

1757 - May, Richard Brassell and Sampson Williams named "Securities" in James Willet vs Valentine Brazill by the Supreme Court (DSCR 207.320.1, Salisbury District Trial & Appearance Docket 1755-1756)

1765 - August, Volentine Braswell Senr to Volentine Braswell Junr for 214 acres, proved by William Yarborough (page 111b, Orange County Registration of Deeds. County Court, 1752-1793 from Carey Bracewell) NOTE: This is the date registered.

1766 - September, The case of James Willett vs Valentine Brazill was "put of the docket" after alias had been issued previously to Orange, Anson and Rowan Counties with "no effect" (DSCR 207.318.1, Execution Docket, Salisbury District Court, 1757-1767)

NOTE: The trail seems to run cold on old Valentine Sr. with the above record. No will or estate records have ever been found for Valentine or Jane.

Also note that they had been looking for Valentine in Anson county, which is where Richard & George Braswell signed the Regulator's Petition on October 9, 1769.