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Joannah Braswell & Samuel Barron


In 1740, in Waterford County, Ireland, there was born one William Barron, descendant of the Barons of Burnchurch, Kilkenny County, Ireland, and hence a lineal descendant of Lord Gerald of Offaby. The patronymic name of the Barons of this church was Fitzgerald but the Fitzgerald was dropped and the cognomen Barron became more prominant.

The wife of William Barron, Prudence Davis, was born about 1742. They were married about 1760 and two or three of their children were born in Ireland. The family came to Warren County, Georgia, about 1766 and William Barron became the captain of a company in the Revolutionary War. He was wounded in the battle of Augusta, Georgia, and fell into the hands of the Tories who hired an Indian to behead him. They put his head as a trophy on a pole erected in the center of Augusta where it remained three weeks until the Whigs regained the town and took it down. The widow, Prudy Barron, nee Davis, died in Warren County, Georgia, about 1815. The names of only four of their children are known: John Barron, Jr., born about 1763 in Ireland, Elizabeth Barron born October 25, 1765, most likely in Ireland, William Barron born July, 1767, in Warren County, Georgia, Samuel Barron born July 4, 1768, in Warren County, Georgia. Quite possibly there were other children older and younger.

Samuel Barron married March 22, 1793, to Joannah Braswell, moved to Jones County about 1805 and died there on June 20, 1826. He left eight sons and three daughters: Sarah, Nancy, Rebecca, James, Wiley, William, Benjamin, Jonathon, Willis, Thomas Green, and Averton.

Excerpt from the HISTORY OF UPSON COUNTY page 869

1796 - October 19, James Willis of Wilkes Co., Ga & Samuel Barron of Hancock Co., Ga., exors of the estate of Prudence Barron, late of Wilkes Co., decd., to Aaron Lipham of Wilkes Co., for #319, 140 acres on Little River waters in Wilkes Co., adj. Job Brookes, John Mason, Aaron Lipham, Samuel Barron, William Miles, & William Hardwick. (signed) James Willis, Samuel Barron. Wit: R.B. Washington, Peter McFarlin. Proved before Spencer Branham, J.P. by Peter McFarlin who saw Willis & Barron sign & Robert B. Washington witness, 28 Oct 1796. Regd 3 Nov. 1796. (Wilkes Co., Ga DB OO, 1795-1797 Pg 77 KBD)

NOTE: Joannah Braswell is the daughter of Joseph & Anne Braswell of Clarke County Georgia.

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