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* Britton Brassell & LaDicey Davis

- April 21, Richard Braswell Will: Loving wife. Sons William, Joseph and John. Daughter Elizabeth. Extrs: Sons William & Joseph to sell land. Wit: Benjamin Johnston Jr., Joseph Woodward, Arthur Edwards. (IOW Co., VA WB 5 P 9)

- March 12, Joseph Brasswell and his wife Sarah & William Braswell and his wife Sarah sell their father's 100 acres to Richard Vick for 19 pounds. Joseph (mark) Brasswell, William (W) Brasswell. (IOW Co., VA DB 7 1744-1747 Part 2 Pg. 445-448)

NOTE that the above land is cut into Southampton Co. VA from Isle of Wight, evidenced by the 1752 deed below.

1749 - Southampton Co., VA created from Isle of Wight

- Anson Co., NC created from Bladen.

1752 - Richard Vick sold part of the 100 acres he bought from William (W) Braswell and Joseph (mark) Braswell to Albridgeton Jones. (Southampton Co. VA DB 1 P 412-414)

1757 – January 3, William Braswell of Bladen County to John Demery of Northampton County, planter, for 14 pounds current money of VA the sd100 acres joining Arthur Sellars, the sd Braswell, Thomas Boon, John Braswell (signed) Wm (W) Braswell. Wit: John Braswell, Elizabeth Epperson, Sarah Braswell. Proved by John Braswell Feb. 1757. Reg. Northampton Co Feb. Ct. 1757, J.Edwards C. Ct. (p. 345, Deed Book II)

NOTE: William and John lived adjacent to each other in Northampton Co., NC, William was there in 1749 and John followed him there from Southampton Co., VA, 5 years later, in 1754.

also that Richard Braswell who died 1745 IOW Co. VA had sons named William & John, John always signing his name, while William used a "W" for his mark in 1746/7 when he sold his father's IOW Co., VA land with his brother Joseph with their wives, each named Sarah.

- _____Brazewell appeared on NC Early Census Index in Bladen County.

1779 - Richmond Co., NC created from Anson. (See 1787 - October 1,)

1779 - January 8, a William Brazil entered 100 acres on Pelhams' Fork in Anson County NC.

1780 Mr. Hackford to Estate of Cornelius Evans, decd. Pd.: John Griffen, Senr. Britain Braswell, John Ray, John Wallis, Jurnr., Thomas Dunn, Widow Olivehead, William Medcalf. (Anson County, NC, Wills and Estates, page 328)

1785Britain Brassell from Benjamin Brassell Anson Co., NC (H-59)
NOTE: Benjamin Brassell, Nathan Brassell and William Braswell each was Granted 100 acres in Anson Co., NC on October 14, 1883 (copies of grants) They entered the land in 1778-1779.

1785 – November 5, Christopher Davis wrote his will in Anson co., NC. He named a daughter Decey Brazzell.

1786 - Bladen Co., NC 1786 Tax List
Benjamin Brassell 1 white male 21-60, 1 white female.
Nathan Brassell 1 white male 21-60, 1 white male under 21 or over 60, 1 white female.

1787 – August 11, Deed (B2-35, Anson NC) 11 Aug 1787. Britain Braswell to Joackim Hudson. Being 100 acres on the south west side of the Pee Dee on Pelhams Fork and adjoining Nathaniel Byby. The land was granted 14 Oct 1783 to Benjman Braswell and conveyed to Britain Braswell 1785. Witnesses were Thomas Lacy, William Benton, and Stephen Lacy.

1787 - October 1, Deed (B2-37, Anson NC) Nathan Braswell of Richmond Co., NC to Joackim Hudson. Being 100 acres on the west side of the Pee Dee and on the banks of Pelhams Creek. This land was granted to Nathan Braswell 14 Oct 1783. Witnesses were Thomas Lacy and Stephen Lacy.

- September 1, Deed (B2-270, Anson NC) Joackim Hudson to Wm Hudson, being 100 acres on both sides of Pelhams fork adjoining lands of Nathaniel Byby and Nathaniel Braswell lands. This land was originally granted to Benjamin Braswell. Witnesses were Buckner Kimball and Hall Hudson.

1790 – U.S. Census, Edgefield Co., 96th District SC Brittian Brazel 2 males 16 & over 2 males under 16, 3 females

1790 - US Census, Richmond Co., NC Nathan Brazell 1 male 16 & upwards, 2 males under 16, 4 females.

1794 - Deed Bk 13: 473-475. 15 Feb 1794. Edward Holmes, planter, to Philip Ikner, blacksmith for 20 lbs, 20 acres on Mine Creek of Little Saluda, part of 100 ac originally granted to Drury Fort by Gov Wm Bull 1765, conveyed by Fort to Henry Bolton, from Bolton to Brittain Brasswell, and Braswell to sd Edward Holmes, 20 acres bounded by Mine Creek, sd Homes, heirs of Frederick Sisson, sd Eikner. Wit: Solomon Eikner, Jonah Howell. Rec 11 Feb 1797. (Edgefield Co., SC)

1795 – December 17, Brittian Braswell and James Braswell witnessed a Deed of Gift from William (X) Braswell unto his children Jacob, William, Richard, John, Allen, Nancy, Elizabeth and Sally. Edgefield Co., SC Deed Book 12, 1794-1796, pages 470-47? (from Walter Braswell in “Breazeale Notes”)

1796William Daniel plat for 500 acres on Dry and Mine Creeks, Little Saluda River, Ninety Six District, SC. Names Indexed: James Cox, John Daniel, William Herring, Mrs. Sisson, Britain Braswell (SC Dept. of Archives & History)

1796 - September 6, Benjamin Melton plat for 300 acres on branch of Dry Creek, Edgefield County, Ninety Six District surveyed by William Coursey on April 13, 1792. Names indexed: Briton Brazil, William Coursey, John Fortner, Benjamin Melton, Adam Starnicar, Arthur Watson. Locations: Dry Creek, Edgefield County, Mine Creek, Ninety Six District, Saluda River. (SC Archives)

1798 – September 14, Britain Brazeel to his children: son William land, crops, etc., daughters Polley and Narsheba slaves & furniture, daughters Elizabeth and Sarah livestock. (Deed Book 15, page 179 – from Walter Folger who obtained It from Probate Judge’s Office, Edgefield Co., SC )

Posted to the Rootsweb Braswell List by M.B. Watson:

Britain Brassell to His children. Deed of Gift, 14 September 1798, love & affection: to son William land whereon I now reside with my crop and tools; my son Isom blacksmith tools & colt name of Deller; daughter Polley & Barshaba two creatures known by name of Pullen and Sall and household furniture, to my daughters Elizabeth & Sarah the cattle, hoggs and geese with their increase. Wit John Wells, John Rogers /s/ Britain Brassell. Proven 27 Sept 1798 by John Roberts; Richard Tutt J.P. Rec 27 Sept 1798. Page 107: Conveyance Book 15: 1798-1799 "p 479-480.

1800 – U.S. Census, Edgefield Co., South Carolina
Britton Brassel 1 male 10 & under 16, 2 males 16 & under 26, 1 male 45 & upward, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10 & under 16, 1 female 45 & upward.

1802 – March 1,Briton & William Brassell to William Hardage of Fairfield District, Planter. $57.50 for 40 acres on ridge between Mine and Dry Creeks road from Bridge to Augusta, from Charleston to Cambridge, it being part of tract granted to W. Umphres by Gov. Chas. Pinckney. Wit. Wm. Daniel, J.P., T. M. Hughes Signed: Briton Brassell, William Brassell. Proven 22 May 1802 by William Daniel; Russell Wilson J.P. Rec. 29 July 1802. (Edgefield Co., SC DB 22 Pg 179-181)

1803 – November 5, Brittain Brassell and William Brassel to John Pope, $209.94, 360 acres on Mine Creek and Dry Creek of Little Saluda River, being part of 922 acres originally granted to William Humphries decd. by Gov. Charles Pinckney 7 May 1792, adj. Wm. Hardage, Sissom's land, Brittain Brassell, P. Eikner, Charleston road. Wit: Lewis Mobley, John Rainey, Park Ardagh. Signed: Brittain Brassell, William Brassell. Proven 1 January 1804 by Patrick Ardagh, Russell Willson J.P. Recorded 3 January 1805. (Edgefield Co., SC DB 25 Pg 146)

1811Jones County, GA Tax Digest Defaulters in Capt. Harrison’s District Britton Brazeal (p. 755-758 & 760, “History of Jones County, Georgia for One Hundred Years, Specifically 1807-1907” by Carolyn White Williams on USGenWeb)

1820 – Georgia Land Lottery Britton Brazell, Residence: Jones Co. County Drawn: Irwin Co. (Kay Dawson)

1820 – U.S. Census, Capt. Phillips Dist., Jones Co., GA.
Briton Brazel 1 male 26 & under 45, 1 male 45 & upwards, 1 female 45 & upwards, 1 slave

1827 – Georgia Land Lottery (GA Sec. of State Archives)

Britton Brassell, Residence Jones Co., Land Lot No. 362, Dist. 8, County Drawn Lee Land grant was issued 5/9/1834

Britton Brassell, Residence Jones Co., Land Lot No. 46, Dist. 14, County Drawn Muscogee Land grant was issued 4/5/1828

Following are quotes of Philip Brassell:

Referring to Britain Brassell "He died and was buried in Pike County, GA some time in September 1827. (So says Isham Alford from whom I get this information.) at Britton Alford Sen’r’s grave yard on Flint River in the South West corner of Pike County, GA. I, P. H. Brasell, visited and saw this grave April 1st 1866. He was about eighty years old when he died. (So says Isham Alford from whom I get this information.) He, Britton Brasell, was my father’s (William Brasell) father.”

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