Monday, April 18, 2011

* Thomas Lamar, Granville Co., SC, 1775

1775 - Thomas Lamar
- Wife: Eleanor, executrix. Son: Thomas, land called Bell Mount next lands "Run" by Thomas Smith. Daughters: Mary Roberts, Sarah Brezel, Martha Rodgers Gemimah, Ruth, Eleanor, Ann and Elizabeth, land purchased of Benjamin Tutt. Wit: Thomas Lamar, Basil Lamar. D: 21 July 1775. P; no date. R: no date. (P. 196)


1794 - September, James Mathews & Dinah his wife to Sarah Braziel all of Edgefield Co., SC for --- sold 100 acres being part of a grant 25 December 1768 to William Braziel on Loyd's Creek of Savannah River. Signed: James Mathews, Dinah Mathews. Wit: Phil Capehart, Elizabeth Braziel, Henry Capehart, who swore by oath 7 May 1795 before Hugh Middleton J.P. Rec. 4 July 1795. (Edgefield Co., SC)

1811- November 26, James Mathews and Dinah Mathews to Edmond Lamar, Deed, $850 for 187 1/2 acres being part of 300 acres originally granted to William Breazeal on 12 December 1768 who died intestate and his only legal surviving heirs were Betsey Breazeal wife of Willis Breazeal and Dinah Mathews wife of above named James Mathews who after their fathers decease divised said land by agreement without administering on his estate. The tract now transferred is the dividend of Dinah Mathews, on Loyds Creek of Stephens Creek of Savannah River adjacent Charles Hammond, Samuel Dagnal. Wit: James Hunter, A. Hunter. Signed: James Mathews, Dinah (X) Mathews. Justice Charles Hammond certifies release of dower rights by Dinah Mathews wife of James Mathews, March 19, 1812. Signed: Dinah (X) Mathews. Rec: January 15, 1817. (DB 33 Pg 268)

Apparently William & Sarah had 2 daughters, Dinah & Elizabeth.