Monday, January 21, 2008

* Bird William Brazill Will Hancock Co., GA 1844

Contibuted to Foy Braswell's Library
by Gayle Ellison


I, BIRD W. BRAZILL---being advanced in age---to secure to my children and after their death to my grandchildren---

my daughter LAMENTATION shall include---


I give to WILLIAM RACHEL in trust for the use of my daughter NANCY MINTON---

I give to ALSEY BRAZILL in trust for the use of my son MANSFIELD and wife during their joint lives---

I give to ALSEY BRAZILL in trust for my daughter MARTHA MINTON---

I give to WILLIAM RACHEL in trust for the use of my daughter LAMENTATION---

I give to ALSEY BRAZILL in trust for the use of my son WILLIAM and wife during their life---

I give and bequeath to my son ALSEY BRAZILL & his heirs---

to my granddaughter M.A.E.D. LORING---

my six children---six equal shares---the lot recently given to my granddaughter by deed to be valued and the value to be placed to the share that may fall to my daughter LAMENTATION her mother.

21 August 1844. signed BIRD W. BRAZILL

Deed Book Q, Hancock Co, GA (Sparta, GA) 1813 - 1850, page 207.

Page 21-: BIRD W. BRAZILL late of Hancock County, died. Inventory made 21 July 1845.

Book of Records "R" 1850-1854, page 73: DAVID LORING received payment in full for the distribution share of his wife in said estate. 4 March 1851.


From Pal Spencer:

1764 – BYRD WILLIAM BRASWELL born in North Carolina – gave age as "about sixty-nine years" on his January 7, 1833, RW pension application

1776 – May 5, Enlisted at Chatham County, NC for 2 ½ years

1778 – October, discharged

1778 – November 20, JOHN WOMMACK entered 386 acres on the south side of Cape Fear, crossing Fall Creek, adjacent the County line. HENRY BRAZILE and BYRD BRAZILE chain carriers. File #125 dtd 20 Nov 1778, grant #124 issued 20 Aug 1779, surveyed 1 Feb 1779. Recorded in Book 30, p. 124 Chatham Co., NC (List 2/24/2000 from Carey Bracewell who received it from Glenda

1779 – February 20, HENRY BRAZWELL entered 100 acres on the waters of Bush Creek, Cumberland Co., NC, joining BIRD WILLIAM BRAZWELL's line and the Chatham County line.

1784 – May 24, BYRD BRASWELL, N.C. Private, 228 acres, GA (Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants)

1785 – BIRD BRASWELL, 400 acres in Wilkes Co., GA (Book HHH, page 603)

1790 – October 8, BIRD BRASWELL of Chatham County, NC sold 100 acres adjacent to JOSEPH YARBROUGH's land near the Cumberland Co. line to WILLIAM PARHAM. Witnesses: JOHN WOMMACK, NICHOLAS HARDEN (Copy of deed from Carey Bracewell)