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Priscilla & Elizabeth Braswell & Jacob Johnson

I have been trying to find out more information on a Priscilla Braswell born 1817. She had 9 childred one of which is my GGgrandfather Kindred, who is buried at Salem Seminole Cementery in Decatur GA. The problem I am having is that the family records show that this Priscilla Braswell was born in 1797 and her children are the children of Jacob Johnston, which I believe is incorrect due to the fact that if it was true, her youngest child Mary Prisilla would have been born when Pricilla was 62. You can find the census here showing her and the 9 children on the Randolph county 1860 census. Kindred moved to Decatur between 1860-1900 and married Mary Katherine Faircloth. If you could would you please help me find out if Kindred was illegimate or which Braswell was his father?
Michele Kohler


It has been thought by some that Elizabeth & Priscilla Braswell were the daughters of Jacob Braswell & Nancy Cotton of Edgecombe County North Carolina. Jacob & Nancy did indeed have daughters named Elizabeth born December 22, 1791 and Priscilla born November 18, 1797, recorded in their Family Bible. Jacob & Nancy's daughter Priscilla married a Newsom as indicated in this deed:

1841 - September 11, Priscilla Newsom, Baldwin Co., GA to William Pender, Edge. Co. for $25, a tract of land adjoining the lands of James Sherrod, Jesse C. Knight and others it being an undivided interest in the lands of the late Jacob Braswell, dec'd, it being one ninth part of the lands of the said deceased, belonging to Priscilla Newsom as one of the lawful representatives of said Jacob, signed Alexander Braswell, atty for Priscilla Newsom, wit. Jas. M. Redman, Louis C. Pender. Recorded November court 1841. (Edgecombe Co., NC DB 22 Pg. 698) FHC film 0370237, CTC.


Priscilla Braswell common law wife of Jacob Johnson on the census gives her age accordingly:

1850 = age 38 about 1812 Randolph Co., GA
1860 = age 43 about 1817 Randolph Co., GA
1870 = age 50 about 1820 Decatur Co., GA

Her sister Elizabeth Braswell legal wife of Jacob Johnson gives her age:

1850 = age 34 about 1816 Randolph Co., GA
1860 = age 49 about 1811 Randolph Co., GA
1870 = age 64 about 1806 Decatur Co., GA
1880 = age 68 about 1812 Decatur Co., GA

Fortunately clues to the parents of Priscilla & Elizabeth can be found in naming patterns, location and a few records. The fact that Priscilla names a son Kindred and Elizabeth names a daughter Rhoda leads one to believe the girls are grand daughters of Kindred & Rhoda Braswell. But this in and of itself it not enough.

The fact that they are found in Decatur County Georgia is also important. But there is more evidence to substantiate this theory. We know that Kindred Braswell Jr. left a will in 1853 in Thomas Co., GA wherein he mentions his deceased daughter Elizabeth Ferrell. So he can be eliminated as a possible parent. His younger brother Samuel who married Sabra Brinson can also be eliminated as his oldest child was born about 1820 and the census records and the names just don't fit.

That leaves us with Robert who appears to have been married twice. His first wife is unknown to me but appears to be the mother of at least David Braswell of Laurens County Georgia who married Lucinda and their known (to me) children appear to be Tilda, Robert, Rosey, Rowan & James D. Interestingly, Priscilla Braswell names a son David Rowan, perhaps another naming pattern clue.

Emanuel grants from Land Plat Book A:

1813 - October 8, Robert Braswell 600 Acres On Long Creek [43]
1813 - October 8, Robert Braswell 500 Acres On Long Creek [157]
1813 - October 8, Kindred Braswell Jr. 35 Acres [44]
1815 - April 7, David Braswell 200 Acres [140]

1817 - July 31, Robert Braswell married Lucy Minton in Jefferson Co., Georgia.

1820 - US Census Laurens Co., GA:
Robt Braswell......................................0 0 0 1 1 0 -3 0 0 1 0

1827 – ROBERT BRASWELL of Laurens Co., in his card or notice dated May 26, 1827, says his wife LUCY has left him without the slightest cause and that he will not be responsible for her debts & c. (“The Southern Recorder” – p. 794, July 1964 The Georgia Genealogical Magazine)

1830 - US Census Thomas Co., GA Robert Brazel:
0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

1838 - Robert Braswell died in Thomas Co., GA.

1840 - US Census Thomas Co., GA Lucy Braswell
1 female 50-60 = 1780 -1790
1 female 20-30 = 1810 -1820

I believe that the 20 -30 year old female in the home of Lucy Braswell in 1840 is Priscilla Braswell and that she is the daughter of Robert Braswell. I also believe that Jacob Johnson on the 1830 census in Decatur Co., GA is the husband of Elizabeth Braswell and they appear to be newlyweds without children. Their first child was born about 1832 and in 1840, 1850 & 1860 they are in Randolph Co., GA but by 1870 have returned to Decatur County.

1830 - US Census Decatur Co., GA Jacob Johnson:
1 M 20 - 30 = 1810 -1820
1 F 15 - 20 = 1810 -1815

The children of Priscilla & Elizabeth Braswell are descendants of the Reverend Robert Bracewell through his grandson Robert Braswell whose wife was Sarah. Robert's will is filed in Bertie Co., NC 1734.

Documented Corrections Welcome

Proposed Lineage:

1. Reverend Robert Bracewell & Unknown
2. Richard Braswell the 1st & Sarah
3. Robert Braswell & Sarah
4. Robert Braswell & Julian
5. Kindred Sr. Braswell & Rhoda
6. Robert Braswell & Lucy Minton
7. Priscilla & Elizabeth Braswell

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