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Robert & Julian Braswell

- September 14, ROBERT BRASWELL bequeathed unto "my loving son ROBERT BRASWELL my young gray horse and my negro man named BRISCO". (Bertie Co., NC)

1741 - Northampton County was formed from Bertie.

1741/2 - January 13, Johnathan SANDERSON of Northampton Co. planter, to James MANEY of Northampton Co., merchant, 100 acres on west side of Chowan River and east side of Buckhorn swamp, joining the Meadow branch, Robert BRASWELL and Buckhorn swamp, all houses, buildings, etc, part of a patent to Robert BRASWELL in 17__ Wit: Robert SHARMAN, Edward BARNES. (Northampton Co., NC DB 1 Pg 23)

1741/2 - February 6, John MINSIE of Chowan Co. to Edward BARNES of Northampton Co. 440 acres NS of Indian Creek and west side of Chowan River, joining John HOOKS, the Virginia line, Robert BRASWELL and the Meadow Branch. Wit: James Maney, Robert Shannan. (Northampton Co., NC DB 1 Pg 18 )

1741/2 - February 13, Jonathan SANDERSON of Northampton Co. to James MANEY of Northampton, merchant, 95 acres in Buckhorn woods, on the northerly side of Maherrin river, joining Edward BARNES, John GARDNER, Robert BRASWELL and Buckhorn swamp. Wit: Barrett MONTGOMERY, Edward BARNES.

1742 - December 13, Barrett MONTGOMERY of Northampton Co. to William BATTLE of Northampton Co. 100 acres on the west side of Chowan River and the north side of Buckhorn swamp, part of a patent to Robert BRASWELL, 6 Mar 1719, all houses, gardens, etc. Wit: Robert SHERMAN, Lucy SHERMAN. (Northampton Co., NC DB 1 Pg 60)

1743 - October 29, John WIGGINS of Northampton Co. planter to Elisha DURDEN of Nancemond Co. Va. 250 acres on the west side of Chowan river and the north side of Buckhorn swamp, part of a tract granted to Robert BRASSWELL and John HOOKS, joining a small branch, Robert BRASSWELL, the county line and the swamp. Wit: James MANEY, Joseph BULLARD, James WILKINS.

1743 - December 20, John Barnes of Northampton Co. planter to Lydia BARNES of Northampton Co. 100 acres on the north side of Maherin river, joining William WITLY, John WIGGENS and Matthew WILLIAMS, parts of a patent granted to John HOOKS and Robert BRASWELL Wit: James MANEY, Abraham PAGE, David JORNAGAN. (Ibid Pg 117)

1747 - October 20, ROBERT BRASWELL of Nhmptn to BRYANT DAUGHTREE of Nacemond, for 25 pounds Va., 200 a., part of a tract of land containing 600 a., "beg. at the mouth of a great Branch whereon the sd BRASWELLs Father lived and so up the branch to the head line so along the Head Line to Urah Swamp so down the Swamp to the first station". . . ."and JULIAN BRASWELL the wife of said ROBERT BRASWELL" surrendered her dower. Wit: JOSHUA DAUGHTREE, JANE (X) BRYANT. signed ROBERT BRASWELL & a seal, JULIAN BRASWELL & a seal. Ackd Nov. 1747 (Northampton Co., NC DB 1, 319 Bill Fields)

1750 - February 4, ROBERT BRASWELL, son of ROBERT BRASWELL decd, and WILLIAM BRASWELL of Johnston Co. to BRYAN DAUGHTREE of Nhmtn, for 20 pds Va., 100 a. on S/S of Uraha Swamp "being a tract of land which the said WILLIAM BRASWELL sold to JOHN BOYD which joins the said BOYDs line on the South West side beginning at the mouth of Great Branch and down Uraha Swamp to the mouth of Poplar Branch then up the sd branch the several courses thereof to a marked Pine & corner tree then by a Line of marked trees to a White Oak standing in the said Great Branch then down the branch to the first station". Wit: WM. BRYANT, JOSHUA DAUGHTREE. ROBERT BRASWELL & a Seal, WILLIAM BRASWELL & a Seal Ackd Feb 1750 (Northampton Co., NC DB 1, 466 Bill Fields)

Bill Field's comments on the above two deeds -

The above 300 acres appear to be land that ROBERT BRASWELL of Bertie bought and bequeathed by his will of 1736 to his son RICHARD (He bought 200 acres in 1723 from JOHN and SARAH STEWARD (Bertie DB A, 239) and 100 acres in 1728 from WILLIAM BRASWEL (Bertie DB C, 3). That his son ROBERT was able to sell the land suggests that RICHARD had died without other heirs.

The wording in the second deed above must be erroneous in calling this the land which "the said WILLIAM BRASWELL sold to JOHN BOYD" for this is surely the land that WILLIAM had sold ROBERT and it did, in fact, adjoin the 300 acre tract that WILLIAM had sold JOHN BOYD in 1734 (Bertie DB D, 150 & 313). Presumably WILLIAM still had some claim against the land, hence the necessity of a joint deed.

From Grantor/Grantee Index of Johnston, Dobbs, and Lenoir Counties, North Carolina:

1750/1754 April - Book 2 pgs 18 & 86


NOTE: no doubt Robert & John are sons of Robert & Sarah Braswell
and note in the 1750 deed Robert & William were "of Johnston Co."

1757 - April 7, ROBERT BRASSWELL appears in Granville Co., SC and receives a plat of 100 acres on Little River which was later cut into Abbeville Co., SC. He is believed to be the father of brothers ROBERT & KINDRED BRASWELL who crossed the river from South Carolina into Georgia about 1764 and ask for land at Bark Camp presumably single young men as they did not mention wives or children to facilitate larger land grants.

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