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Mary Braswell? Bertie Co., NC 1741

1741 - Northampton County

The Deposition of ye under Subscribers first Sworn on The Holy Eveng ----- 1741. John Cotten who Deceast this Life ye 2d of feb.r 1741; as aforsd Did make, --- under his hand and Seal, & the Subscriber were Wittness Thereto, which --- was by ye sd. Cotten Delivered Into ye Care of John Dawson, one of the Subscribeing Wittnesses, who by misfortune hath Lost ye sd will with Sundrey of his own papers, but ye sd subscribers being well assured in their Consciences that they Can Remembr The whole Substance of the sd will Declared it was as followeth, Viz: After funeral Expences Discharged and Debts paid, I give & bequeath my Estate as followeth:
Itim. I give & bequeath To my son, John Cotten, my plantation whereon I now Dwell, to him & his heires forever, only my wife to Live thereon and to Injoy the Use thereof During her natural Life; also one gun, one feather Bed and furniture, Two Cows & Calves, Two Ews and Lambs. My will and Desire is that my Crosscut Saw & whipsaw be Equalley between my Two Sons, also, I give my Son John one Iron pot.
Itim. I give & bequeath to my Son Benjamin Cotten, my plantation whereon phillip Edens now Dwells, to him & his heires forever, only the sd Edens to Live thereon and Injoy the Use thereof During his Natural Life. My will & Desire is that my Land belonging to my sd plantations be Divided as Equal as Possible, one half to ye one plantation and ye Other half to ye other; also I give my sd. son my black horse, bridle and Saddle and Cane, one feather Bed and Firniture, one Iron pot, Two Cows and Calves, Two (?) Ews and Lambs.
Itim- I give and Bequeath to my Daughter, Mary Breecle Two hundred acres, be ye same more or Less, Lying at at a place Called Blue water, to her and her heires for Ever; also one feather Bed & firniture, one Dish, and one Bason, one Iron Pott, one Cow and Calf, Two heiphers, and three Ews and Lambs, Ten Sows and pigs, one Iron Pot.
Itim. I give and bequeath to my Daughter, Anne Cotten, one bey Mare & her Increase, Two Cows and Calves, Two Ews and Lambs, and one feather Beed and hrniture, and one Iron pot.
Itim. I give & bequeath to my Daughter, Sarah Cotten, my Negroe wench, Called Rose, and her Increase, only, my wife to have ye Labour of ye sd wench During her natural life; also, I give my sd Daughter, Two Cows and Calves, Two Ews and Lambs, one Iron pot.
Itim. I give and bequeath to my Loving wife, anne Cotten, my Negroe fellow Mrngo, to Maintain and School my small Children; also, give my sd wife, my working oxen for the plantation use; also, I give my sd wife, my Grey Horse and Side Saddle, and all my working Tools not alreadey given.
Also, I Do nominate and appoint my Loving wife, Executrix and my Loving brother, William Cotten, Executor of this my last will & Testament, Revoking and Disalowing of all other wills by me heretofore Made.
In will: hereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal, 17th of Jan: 1741.
& further we Say not
Jno. Dawson.
Richd. Bertfeld, his R mark.
Thos. Cowman. W his mark
-----within Deposition ----- Richd. Berfield & Thos. Cowman ----- on oath before Isaac Hunter ----- Justs of the County within Mentioned as witness my ----- & Date ----- written.
Isaac Hunter

Northampton County, sc May Court, 1742.
The within written Nuncupative Will of John Cotten, Deceased, was proved in open Court by the Oaths of John Dawson, Richard Barefield, & Thomas Cowman, ye subscribing evidences thereto, & on Motion of William Cotten, praying- Administration on ye sd Deceased's Estate with ye Will Annexed, which was granted, he having given Security as ye Law directs
Test. J. Edwards, Clk. C.
Copied from Original Will filed in the Office of the Secretary of State.


1741 - February 2, Date of death. John Cotten. Sons: John ("plantation whereon I dwell"), Benjamin (plantation whereon Philip Edens lives"). Daughters: Mary Brucle (or Breecle) (land at Blue Water), Anne Cotten, Sarah Cotten (one negro). Wife and Executrix: Anne. Executor: William Cotten (brother). Witnesses: Richd. Barfield, Thomas Cowman, John Dawson. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. This is a nuncupative will proven before Isaac Hunter by the witnessses above named. (Northampton County)