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* Valentine "V" Braswell of Chatham Co., NC

– June 3, Wesnesday, Savannah, Georgia, Newspaper Clippings (Georgia Gazette) Savannah News: “Last Monday, George Underwood, Charles Higdon, John MacKilroy, Valentine Brazel (Brasswell), and Daniel Higdon, who were taken up as vagrants, and in whose possession several horses belonging to gentlemen in the province were found; were brought to town under a guard of the militia and committed to gaol, by virtue of a warrant from two justices of the peace at Augusta. A sixth brother of the two Higdons was killed in resisting the persons sent out to arrest them. (Source: Coone, “Colonial Higdons” p. 27)

George Underwood, Valentine Braswell and Daniel Higdon, (arrested) as loose, disorderly persons who follow no honest employment.

1768 - May 12, The Virginia Gazette: ....I have the pleasure to inform you, that one Captain Kirkland, from the back part of your province, about 10 days ago, brought down to this town, three of the most notorious robbers and horse-stealers that have lately infested the bordrs of the two Carolinas; Two of the Seymour's; and Noel Williams (Alias Brasewell).

1768 - July 28, The Virginia Gazette: "By Captain Ward from N Carolina we learn that three of the principals concerned in horsestealing, and other outrages committed some time since on the frontiers of that province, were lately tried, comdemned, and hanged at Wilmington; and that the militia who had done duty in guarding the goal for some months past were discharged from that service.

NOTE: The penalty for horse stealing was death. Somehow Daniel Higdon, Valentine Brasswell and George Underwood escaped from jail.

1768 - September 8, The Virginia Gazette: "August 16. Laft Friday Mr. Ifaac Waldron, ? one of our pilots, arrived here in his pilot boat from Cape Fear, who informs us that a few days before he left Brunswick, express arrived there from Orange County, in that province, where brought an account of about 300 of the back inhabitants having assembled together and come down to the town of Salisbury in order to free a few notorious horsestealers, & c. who were committed to goal there; that in open violation of the laws they broke open the said goal and took those criminals out, after which they sat fire to it, which in a short time was entirely consumed to ashes, and then marched off in triumph with their refuted friends, not meeting with any interruption all the while, as the people were not able to oppose them."

1768 - November, Ordered that a notice issue against the Sheriff of Orange Co. to shew cause why the fine of 50 poinds should not be recovered against him for neglecting to return the body of Valentine Bracewell in custody against whom a capias had issued to answer at the suit of the KING concering a certain felony whereof he is indicted. Page 145 (Wilmington District Superior Court Minutes, Oct 1760-Nov. 1783. Archives DCR 12.001. from Carey Bracewell)

1768 - November 11, Petition for formation of Chatham County was signed by Benjamin Braswell, Vollentine “V” Bracewell, Charles Harrington, Jacob Bracewell, Henry “H” Bracewell, William Bracewell & several Brantleys (Legislative Papers, 1767, Nov. 1768, NC Archives)

1769 - June, the KING vs Valentine Braswell - felony - Defendant arraigned - jury sworn find the defendant not guilty - ordered that he be discharged on payment of costs. Page 150 (Wilmington District Superior Court Minutes, Oct. 1760-Nov.1783. Archives DCR 12.001)

1770 - Valentine Braswell sued Duncan McNeal, administrator of the estate of Hector McNeal in the Regulator Court, Case #86 - a mock court, part of the Hillsborough Riots (vol. 8, p. 240, Clarke “State Records of North Carolina”)

1771 - Chatham County formed from Orange County.

1772 - Chatham County Militia Rolls for 1772 (Military Collection, Troop returns, 1747-1859, North Carolina Stat Archives, Raleigh from Carey Bracewell and Chatham Co. USGenWeb)

Captain Charles Mathis’s List No. 4 included Vollintine Brasswell, Henry Brasswell, Joseph Brasswell, Benjamin Brasswell, James Brantley, Thomas Brantley, Harris Brantley, Edmund Brantley.

1774 – May, Valentine Braswell appointed overseer of the road in the room of Richard Clark, from the Island ford to Haw River to Deep River (page 10, Chatham County Court of Pleas & Quarter Session 1774-1779, May Court 1774, USGenWeb)

1774 - May 11, Valentine Braswell of Chatham County bought 50 acres on the north side of Deep River from James Brantley and his wife Hester (p. 214, Deed Book A, Chatham Co. Register of Deeds and copy of deed from Carey Bracewell.) acknowledged and ordered to be registered (page 12, Chatham County Court Minutes, May 1774) (Sold to John Ramsey May 10, 1780 by Valentine "V").

1774 - August 9, William Lasiter be appointed overseer of the road in the room of Volentine Braswell (p. 16, Chatham County Court of Pleas & Quarter Session 1774-1779, USGenWeb)

1774 – August Court, Volentine Braswell on jury for suit Benjamin Pyburn against Zachariah Martin (p. 23, Chatham Co. August Court Minutes, USGenWeb )

1774 – August 12, Volentine Braswell on jury for suit William West against David Davis (p. 29, Chatham County August Court, USGenWeb)

1774 – August, Isaac Mathis, Valentine Braswell and John Wommack be appointed patrollers from the county line upwards on the north side of the river (page 39, Chathan County Court Minutes, August 1774, USGenWeb )

1775 – May, James Massey, Valentine Braswell and Wheeler Easter be appointed patrollers in Capt. Mathis’ District on Deep River (page 65, Chatham County Court Minutes, May 1775, USGenWeb)

1775 William Cain relinquished his security ship for the widow Fanny Berry’s Ferry etc. thereupon Volantine Braswell entered himself security in room of the said William Cain. (page 80, Chatham County August 1775 Court USGenWeb)

1777 – August, layout road George Glasscock no loves Crossing Haw River to Acquilla Covernars to the county line near Centers – Volentine Brasswell, Morgan Minter (p. 102 & 103, Chatham Co. August Court USGenWeb)

1777 – October 4, Know all men by these presents that I, James Allen, of the County of Chatham and province of North Carolina me my heirs executors do hereby sell my whole right and title of certain improvements whereon I now live unto Joseph Allen it lying on the head of ?gord? Branch as witnesseth my hand and seal this 4th day of October 1777. James (Mark) Allen Witnesses: John Wommack, Valentine (V) Brasell. Chatham February Court 1778 proved by Valentine Braswell and ordered to be registered. Mial Surlock Clk C. (Chatham County Deed Book B, page 124)

NOTE: When James and Joseph Allen sold land to John Womack in 1783 and 1787 they were in Wilkes Co., GA

1778 – February, Bill of Sale from James Allen to Joseph Allen proved by Valentine Braswell (page 122, Chatham Co. Court Minutes Feb. 1778 USGenWeb)

1779 – May 15, Valentine (V) Braswell & John Wommack witness deed for 300 acres in Chatham & Wake County, James & Pheby Booker to Albridgton Womack (Deed Book B, p.165, Chatham Co. Register of Deeds)

1780 - March 31, Volentine Brassell, Sr. granted 102 acres adjoining Henry Brassell in Chatham County Grant #261 (page 538, Deed Book B, Chatham Co. Register of Deeds and Copy of Grant from Carey Bracewell) NOTE: When sold to Henry Braswell in 1783, Valentine was in Wilkes Co., GA

1780 - May 10, Valentine “V” Braswell sold 50 acres in Chatham County to John Ramsey. Acknowledged in open court by Valentine Braswell May 1780 (page 334, Deed Book B, Chatham Co. Register of Deeds)

1783 - May 18, Valentine “V” Braswell of Wilkes County, Georgia conveys to Henry Braswell 102 acres of land joining Henry Braswell and granted to Valentine Braswell, by the State of North Carolina on March 31,1780. (page 143, Deed Book C, Chatham Co. Register of Deeds)

1788 - "South Carolina. I do hereby certify for Valentine Breaziel a tract of land containing two hundred and twenty six acres (surveyed for him the 10th day of December 1788 & situate in the District of Ninety Six in Edgefield County on the waters of the Edisto River at the Sister Ponds & hath forms and marks buttings and boundings as the above plat Represents. Given under my hand this 8th day of March 1791. David Burks Depty Sevnr., F. Bremar Suvr Genl.

1790 - US Census, Edgefield District, South Carolina Valentine Brazel 1 male 16 & up, 1 male under 16, 3 females, 1 slave.

1790 - August 8, Recorded: Inventory of personal property of Vollentine Braswell, Decd. and accounting of money paid from the estate which included “To money pd Volintine Brasswell, Sinr a witness in the Suit of Williams vs the Orphans 40 pounds” and “To traviling twice from Chatham County to the State of Gorgia & all expenses, 26 pounds” NOTE: Recorded in 1790, travel took place possibly 1783.

1791 - March 8, Valentine Breaziel 226 acres on Edisto River, Edgefield County, 96th District, surveyed by David Burks on December 10, 1788. Other names indexed: Rolin Williams, Rachael McKinney, Arthur Watson, Elvilngton Squire. (SC Archives)

1793 - June 3, Deposition: Edward Couch said that he was present when Rachel Brazel & her son John McKenney had a conversation respecting a negro boy named Prince, who was the property of Valentine Brazel, husband of said Rachel Brazel. That said Rachel told the desponent that she was unwilling Valentine Brazel should ever have the boy & since her son had no money she would lend him a dollar which might be returned to be imprescences of the deponent as evidence of a contract..that the deponant is well convinced from the conversation that she intended to defraud her husband who was absent in Georgia of his right to said boy as she was provided with other property of less value which might have been sold in case of distress but to his knowledge said Valentine Brazel had furnished her with such necessities... S/ Edward Couch. Sworn by oath 3 Jun 1793 before Joseph Hightower, J.P. Rcd. 3 jun 1794. (Pp. 456-457) Posted to the Braswell List by M.B. Watson.

1794 – August 19, Valentine Brazeel, South Carolina, 96th District, Edgefield County, to James Herring of same state and county, 126 acres on “head of Edisto River south of Saluda below the Anchent Boundary near the Jester Pond beginning on the lands held by Thomas Adams and including the improvements that Briton Braziel now lives on at this present date” adj. Benjamin McKenney, part of 226 acres granted Valentine Braziel by Governor Charles Pinckney 4 April 1791. Signed Valentine (V) Brazeel. Witness: Edward Couch, Elisha Baronton, Biddy Bush. Proved 4 July 1796 by Biddy Bush; John Blocker, J.P. Recorded 4 July 1796. (DB 13 Pg 136-139)

NOTE: It is believed that the Britain living on Valentine's land was married to Letitia and was in fact the son of Valentine because they are together and next door to each other on the 1795 tax list in Hancock Co., GA. Britain is documented living on others' land in Georgia twice more.

1794 - December 21, Valentine Brazel to Joseph McKinney, both of Edgefield Co. SC for 30 pounds, sold 100 acres originally granted 4 Apr 1791 at Colombia SC being on the south side of the Saluda River below the ancient boundary line on the Edisto River at the Sisters Pond adj. Manoah Hubert, Benjamin McKinney, & James Herring. S/ Valentine (V) Brazel. Wit. Benjamin McKinney, William Pardue, John McKinney, who swore by oath 6 Feb 1795 before Van Swearingen, J.P. Rcd. 8 Feb 1796. (P 542-545) Posted to the Braswell List by M.B. Watson.

1795 - Hancock County, Georgia Tax Records (Donna Sarchet copied from
microfilm and given on Braswell List)
Capt C. Raines District
Valentine Braswell - 1 slave, no land (next door to)
Britton Braswell - 1 poll only (Note: married to Letitia)

1804 – October 1 from the Hancock County, GA, Supplement to Early Newspaper Abstracts page 74 NOTICE: I forewarn all persons from crediting or having any dealings with my wife Rachel Brazil – as I will not be answerable for any of her contracts. Signed Valentine Braziel

1807 - May 9, Baldwin Co., GA, James Gates of Baldwin County to William Williams for $202 1/2 acres, lot # 60 in the 3rd district of Wilkinson County, surveyed 30 November 1804 by J.L. Porter, District Surveyor. Signed: James Gates. Wit: Robt. Hill (?), Wallengline (sic) (X) Brazal. Recorded 25 Feb 1809. (Jones Co., GA DB A Pg 229-230)

1807 – “Second Land Lottery – 1807 Lottery of Georgia” by Silas Lucas, Jr. Braswell, Valentine – Baldwin Co. – lst Dist –drew land in Wilkinson Co. (Karen Pickett posted on List 10/8/2001)

1807 – Baldwin County, GA, Tax Digest - “The First Families of Baldwin, Morgan and Putnam Counties 1807” The 1807 tax digest of Baldwin County is one of the most important of the early tax digests of Georgia. It is not only the first tax digest for Baldwin County, which subsequently lost it’s early deed books in a court house fire, but it is also the first tax digest for Morgan and Putnam Counties, which were created from Baldwin before the next tax digest. …a couple pages of names….. The following persons only paid poll tax …. William Digby, VOL BRAZIAL, Isaac Fuller, Isaac King….. William Walker….. William Allen and as executor of Jesse Allen, Dec’d……. John Allen, James minter (Only names next to VALENTINE BRASWELL were copied by the transcriber and some others that were interesting) (GA Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 30, No. 2, pages 105-108)

1808Joseph and Caleb McKinney and Rachel Brazil to Turner Smith, Power of Attorney, State of Georgia, Wilkinson County, 28 September 1808 appoint Turner Smith of Edgefield to sell one hundred acres bounding on Wm. Holston, Buck (lost in binding) Blaylock, John Blalock and James Bruce. Witnesses: McKinney Melton, William Melton, /s/ Joseph McKinney, Caleb McKinney, Rachel (X) Brasel. Proven Edgefield 25 October 1808 by William Melton, Stephen Tillman, J.P. Recorded 24 October 1809 (Edgefield Co., SC DB 29 Pg 493)

1812 - December 2, Direct tax. By virtue of an act of Congress, passed the 16th of March 1802 entitled..."an act, to lay and collect Direct Tax within the United States" will be sold at public sale, at the time and place hereafter mentioned, by the Collectors respectively, so much of the following estates as will satisfy the taxes due thereon...The sale will take place as follows, viz.---- at Sparta, by Hamlin Lewis, esq., on Tuesday 6th of April 1813, at Greensboro by Joshua Houghton, esq. on the 1st Tuesday in July 1813, and at Lexington by John Collier, esq., on the 1st Tuesday in August 1813, of which all concerned are requested to take due notice. (signed) Robert Habersham, Acting Supervisor, 5th May 1812.

Hancock County, First Collection District, Third Division:


Genealogical Abstracts From The Georgia Journal (Milledgeville) Newspaper, 1809-1818 Vol. 1 Page 181 Issue of December 2, 1812

Georgia )
Hancock County ) To Byrd Brazil

You are hereby authorized and empowered to collect and take into your possession and under your care the goods and chattels rights & credits which were of the estate of VALENTINE BRAZIL deceased until permanent letters of administration are granted on said estate at which time you are required to return such goods & chattels rights & credits of which you may be possessed of by virtue of these presents to such person or persons to whom said permanent letters may be granted and these letters to my office Give under my hand and private seal (having no seal of office) this 13th day of January 1816. James H. Jones, Clk C.O. H.C.

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