Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dorcas Braswell & William Hooks?

1784 - April 6, WILLIAM & DORCAS HOOKS to MATTHEW DRAKE, for 100 pds. for 60 acres adjoining MATTHEW & NATHANIEL DRAKE & THOMAS MANN. HOOKS bought it from GOV. ALEXANDER MARTIN; wit: MEARS & SAMPSON SIKES. (Nash Co., NC DB 1 Pg 307)

1785 - February 26, State of North Carolina to ARTHER BRASWELL, 100 acres in Bladen Co. on S side of Ashpole Swamp back of PITTMANs, adj. LOCKLEER, Richard JONES, ARTHUR BRASWELL. Ent. 26 February 1785; pat. 19 November 1787 by Richard CASWELL. (Land grant # 1299 Book A, pp. 174‑175)

1785 - March 4, WILLIAM BRASWELL's Will: "Item, I give to my daughter DORCAS HOOKS one dollar sterling to her and her heirs forever."..."Item, I give to my son ARTHUR BRASWELL a negro wench named Mott and her increase to him and his heirs forever." NOTE: Arthur moved to Bladen/Robeson Co., NC and had a son named Henry who lived in Marion Co., SC. Dorcas was Henry's aunt.

1787 - July 23, WILLIAM HOOKS has moved & patented 250 acres over by ARTHUR & HENRY BRASWELL. Keep reading. GADI W. BRASWELL to Moore T. SEALY, 22 October 1850, $24.00 20 acres north side of Dry Branch, part of a survey of 250 acres pat. to WILLIAM HOOKS 23 July 1787. Wit: Eli WISHART, W. McCORMICK. (Robeson Co., NC Book AA, p. 671)

1792 - December 5, HENRY BRASWELL of Liberty County, South Carolina to William RICHARDSON, Jr. of Nash Co., for 80 silver dollars a tract of 70 acres on the west side of Back Swamp, it having been conveyed to HENRY BRASWELL from George MASSENGAL; also another tract of 290 acres adjoining the aforesaid tract and James MASSENGAL, Richardson, and Isaac BASS, it being a tract conveyed from Wm. RICHARDSON, Sr. to HENRY BRASWELL. Wit: WILLIAM HOOKS, William Richard, and Sampson POWELL. Book 4, page 217.

1794 - March 2, Indenture. Stephen Gibson of Georgetown District SC to HENRY BRASSWELL of same place for L30 sterling 100 acres being part of 204 acre tract NEs Little Pee Dee River binding on Hase Swamp being the N part of the 204 acre tract ... plat annexed ... granted 1789 to Stephen Gibson Grant Book A, No. 5, P. 174. Signed: Stephen Gibson. Wit: WILLIAM HOOKS, Danl McDearmid. Proved before Valontine Rowell, JP, 8 February 1789. Rec & Ex 3 April 1811. Thos Harllee, RMC (E 314-316)

1800 - DORCAS HOOKS - Source Citation: Year: 1800; Census Place: Liberty, Marion District, South Carolina; Roll: 49; Page: 440; Image: 67

1808 - September, HENRY BRASWELL's son TOBIAS BRASWELL witnessed the will of DEMPSEY HOOKS. Dempsey mentions his "well Beloved Mother Dorcas Hooks Eight Hundred and forty Acres of land lying on Hayses Swamp the plantation where Wm. Hook died with all appertainances" and "my sisster polly powell Should have the Remaining part of my Estate if there Should Be any to be hers for ever likewise Whomsoever I Shall appoint Henry Brasswell and Rheacy Olliver my Whole and Soals Extrs" (Marion Co., SC Will Book I, Page 52)

1810 - DARKESS HOOKS Source Citation:Year: 1810;Census Place: , Marion, South Carolina; Roll: 61; Page: 82

1814 - June 17, Stephen Gibson of Glen County Georgia, planter to Archibald McCormage of Marion District planter for $60 tract adjacent North Carolina line, HENRY BRASWELL & WM HOOKS on contrary swamp 100 acres granted to Stephen Gibson. Signed: Thomas Harllee attorney for Stephen Gibson. Wit: Charity (her mark) Coward, Riley Kersey. Proved before Hector McNeill, JP, 27 July 1814. Rec. & Ex. by Thos Harllee, RMC, 1 August 1814. (Marion Co., SC DB F 212-213)

1816 - October 11, Indenture. Colen Edwards to William Powell for $50 150 (acres?) on NEs little Pee Dee being part of a grant to Stephen Gibson transferred to Richard Edwards & from Edwards to his father Samuel Edwards & then left to his son Colin in his last will & testament the land being on the WIDOW HOOKS line S to Stephen Butler line E to Jordan Powell N to beginning. Signed: Colin (his mark) Edwards. Wit: TOBIAS BRASSWELL, John McCormaig. Pr before Daniel Campbell, JP, 29 March 1817. Rec 14 October 1823. (Marion Co., SC DB K Pg 196)

NOTE: I think this is Dorcas Braswell.