Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jacob Braswell VA to NC

1777 - September 13, JOHN BEAL Will: To son Drury land adjoining Dr. Browne and Howell Whittington; son Burwell; son Burwell; son John; wife Liddia. Ex., Joseph Johnson. Wit: GEORGE GURLEY, THOMAS EDWARDS, JACOB BRASWELL. (Southampton Co., VA WB III Pg. 199) R. Feb 12, 1778

1778 – February 21, JACOB BRACEWELL from JOEL GURLEY, both of Johnston County, NC, for 20 pounds, 200 acres on north side of Neuse River and south side of Little River and south side of Moccoson Swamp and on both sides of Elvinton Branch, beginning at NATHAN GURLEY’s second corner. . .” Witnesses: GEORGE EDWARDS, JAMES HOLT (p. 9) (from Carey Bracewell)

1781 – November 26, JACOB BRASWELL from JOHN EDWARDS of Johnston County, 200 acres on Neuse River on east side of Quiocoson Swamp to NICHOLAS TYNER’s survey. . . granted to DAVID DAVIS April 29, 1768. Witness: EDWARD GURLEY. (p.9) (from Carey Bracewell)

NOTE the EDWARDS & GURLEY connection from SOUTHAMPTON Co., VA:

1768 - August 12, GEORGE GURLEY Sr . of St. Luke Parish. Leg: loving wife; son GEORGE; son JOHN; daughter MARY WEST; daughter FATHEY SELLERS; GRANDSON GEORGE EDWARDS; residue of estate to GEORGE GURLEY Jr. and ANN EDWARDS. Ex., son GEORGE GURLEY. R. Jan 10, 1771. Wit: WILLIAM THOMAS, JESSE BRASWELL, JAMES PEDING. (Southampton Co., VA WB II P. 362)

1773 - February 23, JOHN GURLEY & wife ELIZABETH of JOHNSTON Co. to GEORGE EDWARDS of SOUTHAMPTON Co., VA, 33 lbs 6S8d proclamation money, 640 acres in Johnston Co on Neuse River..SS of little River...Mocoson Swamp... Wit: BENJAMIN CRAWFORD, HENRY GURLEY, LAZARUS CRAWFORD. Signed JOHN GURLEY & ELIZABETH GURLEY. (H-1:80 Item 53 Abstracts v.III)

Jacob Braswell's descendants fall within the S/H DNA Group

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