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Upton, John, Will IOW Co., VA 1652

IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. I Capt JOHN UPTON of the Isle of Wight County in Virginia Gent. being Sick of Body but in perfect Memorey do ordain this as my Last Will and Testament in Manner and form as followeth . . .

IMPRIMIS, ITEM. I give . . . unto my Eldest Son JOHN UPTON all that Tract of Land being part of it in the Tenure of JOHN KING, JAMES BAGNALL, & NICHOLAS MORRIS, Containing in the Whole Eight Hundred and fifty acres of Land, and if the said JOHN UPTON dies before he comes to the age of One and Twenty years then I give and bequeath the Said Land unto (39) WILLIAM, ELIZABETH, SARAH & MARGARET UNDERWOOD to be Divided as followeth (Vizt) ELIZABETH, SARAH & MARGARET UNDERWOOD each of them a Hundred Acres, and the remainder unto WILLIAM UNDERWOOD.

ITEM. I give and bequeath unto my Said Son one Mare fole, and one Cow with Calfe, being upon the probate of my Will Sett apart, for him with their Increase, And if it should happen that my Said Son dies before the Age of One and Twenty, that the sd Mare fole and Cow with their Increase to be Equally Shared amongst my Daughters in Law ELIZABETH, SARAH & MARGARETT UNDERWOOD.

ITEM. I give and bequeath unto WILLIAM UNDERWOOD, ELIZABETH, SARAH & MARGARETT UNDERWOOD that tract of parcell of Land runing apon this Side the fresshett near AMBROSE BENNETTS, Containing fifteen Hundred Acres of Land, Except and allways . . . out of this Land Three Hundred Acres which Mr. ROBERT BRACEWELL hath.

ITEM. I give and bequeath unto WILLIAM, ELIZABETH, SARAH, and MARGARETT UNDERWOOD all my Land at Rappahannock or what shall be hereafter made good upon my rights they to be possesst with it after my Wifes' decease, And for the rest of my Estate, Goods, Chattels, Servants, Household Stuff, Lands Tenemts. Hereditamts what soever here in Virgina or Elsewhere . . . I give Devise and bequeath the same unto my very Loveling and Welbeloved Wife MARGARETT UPTON whome I constitute, ordain, & make Sole Executrix of this my Last will and Testament, and I hearby desire and make my Loveing friends Mr. GEORGE HOWDON, WILLIAM UNDERWOOD and JAMES TAYLOR Clark, my overseers desiring them to Se this my Will performed, Likewise I give and ordain my Executx to give each of my Overseers a Ring of Twenty Shillings Sterling price. Likewise ordain ANN WILLIAMSON the wife of JAMES WILLIAMSON to be Equall Sharer in my Land at Rappahannock with thesse above named.

ITEM. I give unto ELIZABETH UNDERWOOD one pillow & pillow cloth to be delivered at her day of Marriage. Furthermore I do by thesse prssents Revoke all former Wills by me made Except this my Last (40) Will.

IN WITNESS, I the Said Capt. JOHN UPTON have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Xisteenth day of January Anno Domoni.

It is to be understoon that what Land I have formerly dispos'd of in that Trackt of fifteen Hundred Acres upon the fresshett by AMBROSE BENNETTs is to rest upon condition, and the remainder Divided as is before provided.- - - - - -

Sealed & Signed in the presence of us - - - - JOHN UPTON Signr.

(recorded Dec 16, 1652)