Sunday, December 16, 2007

Richard & Sarah Bracewell to William West 1673

Contributed by Carey H. Bracewell

Richard (mark) Bracewell, planter & Sarah Bracewell, his wife

TO: William West, plant Consideration: Valuable sum of Tob. & Cask

100 acres of Land situate lying & being in the foresd County of Isle of Wight & bounded as followeth Vizt. Runing upon the West side of the ffreshett upon Robert Bracewells Land & bounding upon the sd Robt Bracewell, his Land, unto the woods for length according to ye ancient pattent & running for breadth up the sd West side of the ffreshett untill ye sd Complement of one hundred Acres of Land be compleated, wch sd Land is now in ye tenure of Anthony Hosier dureing his natural life it being part of a divident of four hundred Acres by Mr Robt Bracewell deceased given to ye sd Hosier for his life Tyme.

Dated: March 14, 1673 Recorded: April 9, 1674

Witnesses: Robt Ruffin, George (mark) Pierce.