Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tomlin, Matthew, Will 1686

Contributed by Carey H. Bracewell

Signed March 7, 1684. To JOHN TURNER, ". . . one parcell of Land which I have formerly marked for him biginninge at the mouth of a branch at a marked Beech and Soe along the said branch to the mouth of another Small Branch; and soe alonge the said little branch to a line of marked trees and Soe along the sd line of trees to a white oak being a Corner tree from thence North 320 pole to a marked pine and then beginning at the said beech again: running Eastward to the said pine; all the land lying on the South side of the Swamp to be for him and his heyres for Ever, and all that lyeth on the north side to be for his daughter MARY TURNER my grand Child: also I doe give to the said MARY TURNER . . . a black Cow of about fower years ould: the other a browne Cow of about the same age, and a Couple of Stages both alike to buy her a mare to be delivered her after my decease . . . .

Item I doe give and bequeath all of my lands and all my moveables estate to be equally divided betwixt my Sonne MATHEW TOMLIN & my grandson MATHEW TOMLIN, all the land lyenge on the north Side of the Swamp next to JOHN FULGHAM to be for my grand SONNE, and all on the South side to be my Sonns.

Item I do give and bequeath unto my Sonne MATHEW TOMLIN, the plantation whereon RICHARD BRACEWELL (265) now liveth . . . ."

The executor to be MATHEW TOMLIN, Jr.
Witnesses: RICHARD SHARPE and JENKIN DORMAN, the latter of whom proved the will on December 9, 1986.

RECORD OF WILLS, DEEDS, ETC., VOLUME 2, 1661-1719, PAGES 264 & 265

MATTHEW TOMLIN of the Lower Parish of Isle of Wight County to JOHN JOHNSON of the same parish, "for a valuable consideration", a 225-acre tract "commonly called Pigneck", bounded by "THOMAS HARRIS'S Corner Tree in the Head of a Branch by the Edge of a Pocosson . . . . MARY TURNERS Corner Tree . . . . to . . . . the very Bottom of the Neck . . . .

Signed by MATTHEW TOMLIN and MARY (mark) TOMLIN.

Witnessed by JOHN DAVIS and WILLIAM RIVERS. Date made: August 13, 1687

RECORD OF WILLS, DEEDS, ETC., VOLUME 1, 1662-1715, PAGES 570-571