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* Benjamin & Nathan Brassell Bladen Co., NC 1786

Bladen County, NC, 1786 Tax List


1 white male 21-60

1 white female


1 white male 21-60

1 white male under 21 or over 60

1 white female

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Benjamin & Nathan Brasel 1786

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Updated March 29, 2008:

References to Lazarus Johnsons in Southampton Co., VA who may or may not be related to the Lazarus Johnston between Benjamin & Nathan Brassel on the unalphabetical Bladen County tax list which suggests they were neighbors:

[1 Aug 1752] LAZARUS JOHNSON and wife MARY of Isle of Wight County to JESSE JOHNSON of Isle of Wight County 215 acres on the south side of Blackwater River on the north side of Reedy Branch, GILES DRIVER, and THOMAS DRAKE (deed on 27 Jun 1743 from THOMAS DRAKE to sd. LAZARUS), S: LAZARUS (G ) JOHNSON and MARY (I) JOHNSON, W: JOSEPH (signed) DENSON, BENJAMIN (signed) DENSON, and JACOB (signed) VICK (Southampton Co.VA DB 2 Pg 394-396) NOTE: A Thomas Drake married the relict of William Cain Sr. Bertie Co., NC Court Minutes Nov 1734. Richard Vick (neighbor of Richard Braswell) had a son named Jacob Vick. Southampton Will Book I Pg 260.

[29 Nov 1752] JOHN JOHNSON will. Leg. Sons JOHN, LAZARUS, JOSEPH & HENRY, daughters SARAH, MARTHA & ESTER, deceased son JOHN's heirs, wife LUCY. Ex. Son LAZARUS JOHNSON. R. March 14, 1754 Witnesses: RICHARD MURFEE, JOHN POPE, JAMES FOWLER. (Southampton Will Book I Pg 136)

[9 May 1754] JOHN JOHNSON inventory signed by LAZARUS JOHNSON recorded (Southampton WB I Pg 142)

[Mar 1754] LUCY JOHNSON to son LAZARUS JOHNSON and daughter SARAH WOOTEN Gave LAZARUS goods and chattels, gave SARAH a feather bed, furniture, and dishware, S: LUCY ("X") JOHNSON, W: JAMES JORDAN (signed) SCOTT, JOHN (I) BRANTLEY, and DANIEL (signed) JOHNSON (Southampton Co. DB 2 Pg 13-14)

[9 Dec 1754] DANIEL JOHNSON to LAZARUS JOHNSON 125 acres adj. the north end of Indian Branch (patent to JOHN JOHNSON on 27 Feb 1724 and came to sd. DANIEL by will), S: DANIEL (signed) JOHNSON, W: JACOB (signed) JOHNSON, HENRY (signed) JOHNSON, and RICHARD (RV) VICK (Southampton Co. DB 2 Pg 70-71) (John Johnson 125 acs S side main Black Water Swamp on N side of the Indian Br adj. Richard Baton’s land Feb 22, 1724 CPv3) NOTE: Richard Vick owned land adjacent to Richard Braswell, son of Susannah Burgess Braswell. Patent Book 14 Pg 155; IOW DB 7 Pg 116. Jacob Johnson was the brother of Benjamin Johnston Jr. who witnessed Richard Braswell's will. Southampton Will Book 2 Pg 187; IOW Co., VA WB IV Pg 541.

[10 Jan 1757] RICHARD BEALE and wife MARY to BENJAMIN BEALE dated 80 acres adj. ANTHONY LEWIS, WILLIAM JOHNSON, FRANCIS HUTCHINS, and RICHARD VICK (patented 23 Mar 1715), S: RICHARD (RB) BEALE and MARY (mark) BEALE, W: WILLIAM (WB) BEALE, LAZARUS (signed) JOHNSON, and JAMES (I) FOSTER (Southampton Co. DB 2 Pg 175-176)

[7 May 1762] JAMES PEDEN of Isle of Wight County to JONAH EDWARDS (1) 150 acres (part of patent of 428 acres to WILLIAM JOHNSON SR on 28 Oct 1702), (2) 175 acres (patent to ANTHONY LEWIS for 347 acres on 8 Oct 1702 who sold to JAMES PEDEN, father of sd. JAMES, on 7 Oct 1742, 3) 154 acres adj. sd. PEDEN, ARTHUR APPLEWAITE, WILLIAM EDWARDS, WILLIAM POPE, and LAZARUS JOHNSON (patent not yet recorded), S: JAMES (signed) PEDEN, W: WILLIAM (signed) EDWARDS, DAVID (signed) WRIGHT, JOHN (I) BRANTLEY, and JOB (signed) WRIGHT, and JOHN (I) BRYAN (Southampton Co. DB 3 Pg 153-154)

[14 Jan 1764] JONAH EDWARDS and wife ELIZABETH to NATHAN EDWARDS Two tracts on the west side of Blackwater River (sic), (1) 150 acres adj. JAMES PEDEN (formerly ANTHONY LEWIS) and WILLIAM JOHNSON (sold by ANTHONY LEWIS to JAMES PEDEN on 14 Oct 1740), 2) 77 acres adj. WILLIAM POPE and LAZARUS JOHNSON (1/2 of a patent of 144 acres), S: JONAH ("X") EDWARDS, W: A. (signed) JONES, MATTHEW (signed) WILLS, and JESSE (signed) COUNCIL. ELIZABETH came to court to provide consent only. (Southampton Co. DB 3 Pg 289-290)

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