Saturday, March 15, 2008

Georgia, Wilkes Co. Early Records II

The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County

Minutes of First Court

Memorandum of Beef killed for the Public

Dec. 25. Joshua Glass 45 1/2 bus. Corn for Capt. Gunnels Station. Col. John Cunningham 1 bus corn. Col. Elijah Clark 16 bus corn for Col. Littles Station.

Killed for the use of the Station Dec. 1781 several cows of Cilas Pace, Zachariah Lamar 2 bus. Corn. Mrs. Beard 2 bus. Corn. Sarah Waters 2 bus. Corn. Mrs. Perkins 1 bus. Corn. Stephen Heard 2 bus. Corn. Col. Clark 6 1/2 bus. Corn.

Killed at Gunnels Station cows belonging to Col. Clark, H. Freeman, Jas Martin, Jas. Young, Job Hinton, Jas. Goldwire, Isaiah Goldsby, Sampson Brasill, Samuel Ryly, Sr., (???) Tidwell, Jesse Gordin, Capt. Gunnells, (???) Tillet, Chas. Bennefield, Jane Patten. Ben Pack and Wm. West.


Frederick Brassell, 1 poll.
John Brazell, 1 poll, 200 acres Wilkes Co.
Samuel Brazill, 1 poll, 300 acres Washington Co.

BALL, ISAAC to Edmond Cody 200 acres bounded on all sides by vacant land. Mar. 18, 1790. Thos. McMath, Byrd Brazil, John Sallis, test. [WILKES CO., GA DB G.G Pg 150]

Page 379--BARRETT, LEWIS. Plantation where I live, stock etc., to wife Patsy for life, at her death land to son Richard Lucy Barrett. To dau Polly H. Barrett, bed etc. To son John P., Volly Callaway, Nancy Reynolds, Robt., and Erasmus Barrett, $1.00 each. Wife Patsy and Josiah Tuck, Excrs. Signed Oct. 18, 1828. Luke Turner, Wm. O. Rutledge, Nathan Brazill, Chas. Smith, J. P., Test. Codicil. Having given in two draws in the Lottery of the Gold region and two in the Land Lottery of the Cherokee Country, I bequeath the same to wife Patsy and dau Volly H. Barrett. Signed Jan. 26, 1832. Probated Mar. 2, 1835. Luke Turner, Lewis B. Callaway, Jas. D. Willis, J. P., Test. [WILKES CO., GA] WB H H 1819-1836 Pg 379]

REEVES, JEREMIAH dec'd Inv. Sept. 13, 1806. Malachi Reeves, excr. Isaac Eason, Pitt Milner, Geo. Willis, apprs. Final returns 1820, receipt of Ichabod, John, James, Jonathan and Jeremiah Reeves, Jos. Adams, Wyatt T. Heard atty for Avery Reeves, John Hood, Wm. S. Lenty atty for Mrs. Millicent Rowden, Jesse Brazell, and Burwell Hood for Rhoda Reeves insane dau of said dec'd for her maintenance for life, all legatees. Receipt of Lewis Barrett for medical attendance on said dec'd, 1807. [WILKES CO., GA ORIGINAL PAPERS part 3]