Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Samuel Braswell Family 1852

Transcription of petition:

Vincent Braswell et al)Decree (?)
Exparte (?) to Sell Slave)

Be it remembered that on this the 7th day of (December?)
1852 (1?) this [same?] came in to be heard and was heard by the Worshipful[Cancery?] Court of Robertson County [repan?] the petition of the parties and because it appears that Samuel Braswell died intestate in this County in July 1852 leaving a Widow Sarah Braswell and Vincent, William,Bennet and Mary Braswell his children and because it appears that Bennet and Mary are minors and Coleman Farthing is their [something illegible written in margin] guardian and because it appears that D.W. Taylor is the Adminis-trator of said Braswell decd. And because it Appears that the Widow has had dower [cant read next part] of her deceased husbands Estate and because it appears that all the property has been legally disposed of except Negro Woman Cherry & because it appears that it would be best to sell same Negro for distribution between Petitioners Vincent,William, Bennet, and Mary and because it appears that all the parties are properly before the Court, It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed that by the Court D.W. Daylor [sic Taylor] be appointed Special Commissioner to sell said Negro Woman Cherry to the highest bidder at the Court House in {the town of this part superscripted} Springfield on a credit(?) of Twelve months first giving twenty days notice of time and place and that he take bond and two good securities for the purchase money and that he take said Note as Administrator of Samuel Braswell decd.and that he account for the same as such Administrator that said Coming (?) from Collect fifteen Dollars in Cash of Said Sale to pay the Cost of this proceeding and that he report all things to the January Term of this Court 1853. And that petitioner pay the Cost of the proceeding for Which an Execution may issue. [It is ?] ordered by the Court in this Court that B.M. Ellis Revenue Collector of Robertson County have a credit With the State of Tennessee And a Settlement With the Comptroller of the State by the sum of Seven Dollars and 15 Cents and that he have a credit by the sum of Seven Dollars and 77 cents on a settlement with the County Trustee (?) For insolvencys and [ ? ] in Tax list for the year 1852 Making in all the sum of fourteen Dollars and 92 cents.
An inventory and account of sale of the estate J E Winfield decd was handed (?)By the admr and examined allowed and ordered to be recorded
An inventory and account of sale of the estate Jackson Couts decd was [ ? ] in by the Court Executor which was [ ? ] ordered to be recorded
D.W. Taylor is by the Court appointed Special Commissioner to Sell Slave Cherry belonging to S. Braswell decd estate the said D.W. Taylor is interred [sic] into bond[the last line has been chopped off]Jas Woodard Thos. Farmer

D.W. Taylor = Dempsey Woodard Taylor

Copy of petition from Jody Hunt
Transcribed by Lucy A. Barron for Ann Braswell