Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hinton, William, Johnston Co., NC 1761

William Hinton. Wife SOPHIA - Negroes Jane, Honor, Frank & Cavit. Son JOSEPH - Tract of land on South side of Cape Fear River on Lick Ck., Negroes Dick & Ned; Livestock in care of Jacob Braswell. Son JOHN - Tract of land on South side of Cape Fear River bought from Thos Bayley; Negroes Jack & Pomp; livestock. Son ISAAC - Manner plantation after death of wife, Negroes Wash __ & Cloe, when he comes of age. Daughter SARAH - 1 Negro girl Phillis. DEMCY Hinton - 1 Tract of land on Mark's Ck., if he make full settlement. If he defaults, land to be equally divided between two daughters, ESTHER & SARAH. Daughter ESTHER HINTON - Negro boy Mingo. Exec: Cuzn Maleckia Hinton, Capt. Wm. Bryan, High Sheriff. Wit: Jos. Watson, Jacob Braswell, Michael Rogers. Signed: William Hinton. (Johnston County NC Will Abstracts 1746 - 1825, Vol 1, by Elizabeth E. Ross. dated 23 Nov 1761 and Prob. Jan Ct. 1762.)

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