Thursday, March 6, 2008

Elizabeth Braswell & J.P. Rockmore

J.P. Rockmore
, merchant-farmer, Loganville, Walton Co., GA, son of E. M. and Nancy A. (Thompson) Rockmore, was born in Newton county, GA., in 1845. His grandparents on his fathers side, John and Mary (Barnes) Rockmore, were native Georgians. He was the son of an emigrant from France who came to this country when young and settled in GA; was a planter all his life, accumulated quite a large property, and was a member of the Missionary Baptist church. Mr. Rockmore's father was born in what is now Newton county in 1814, followed farming all his life, was a soldier in the Seminole war, acquired large estate, and died in 1858. He was a deacon in the Missionary Baptist church. His grandparents on his mother's side were Joe and Elizabeth (Lemsford) Thompson. He was born in Wilkes county, GA in 1797, was a planter and quite rich, and moved to Mississippi, where he died. Mr. Rockmore was raised on the farm and received but a limited education. In 1863 he enlisted in a company commanded by Capt. Carroll, but being seriously injured by the running away of a mule, was compelled to return home. After the war he found himself the possessor of a horse, so he bought a small farm and began life, worked hard and saved some money. In 1873 he embarked in a general merchandising business at Loganville, in which he has been succesful, does a large and satisfactory business, and has, besides, large and profitable milling and cotton-ginning interests. Mr. Rockmore was married in 1867 to MISS ELIZABETH BRASWELL, born in Gwinnett county, GA., in 1848, daughter of EPHRIAM and DOLLIE A. (Moore?) BRASWELL. He was born in SC, whence he moved to GA in 1828 and settled in Walton county. He was a farmer and merchant and served in the Seminole war. Himself and wife lived to be 70 yrs old. Of the children which blessed this union seven survive: Marshall L., Ephriam, Maude, Estella, Claude, Dollie A. and Henry Grady. Mr. Rockmore and his wife are active members of the Methodist church.



Marriage Record: Ephraim L. Braswell & Dollie Moon 7 Jan 1841 Walton Co., GA