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James Braswell

Why I believe James Braswell who wrote his will in Edgecombe Co., NC 1760 naming children Joseph, James, Benjamin, Sarah Cain, Olive Stinson & Simon is the son of Susannah Burgess Braswell. Ann


From Sally's Place regarding Susannah Braswell's Aunt Susannah:

Susannah ? ca 1631 - ca 1691
married 10 Sept 1669 Thomas Atkinson died 1688

3 June 1669 -- Robert Flake gives his dau in law Sussannah Atkinson 300 acres land on Blackwater. wit: Martim Luther, Henry Rigg p558


Thomas Atkinson Will: son William, son Peter, son Samuel, wife Susan, daughter Sarah, daughter Katherine, four sons. Wife Extx. D. Jan 19, 1687/88. R. Jun 9, 1688. Wit: Richard Holleman, John Atkinson, William Gwaltney, Mary Parnell. (IOW Co., VA W&D Bk #2 Pg 281)

Atkins, Samuel.
1 August 1745.
Location: Isle of Wight County.
Description: 180 acres on the South side of Nottaway River. Beg.g &c. on the East side of the WHITEWOOD SWAMP, a corner of JOHN RACHELL'S land. (Lib of VA)
NOTE: AKA Atkinson. See Samuel Kindred's will.
Click here to view Samuel Kindred's will

Rachell, John.
28 August 1746.
Location: Isle of Wight County.
Description: 250 acres on the south side of Nottaway River, and on the east side of the WHITEWOOD SWAMP beg.g &c. on the north side of BROWN'S BRANCH, a corner of ARTHUR CROCKER'S land & "a corner of JAMES BRASWELL's land". (Lib of VA)

Crocker, Arthur.
20 September 1745.
Location: Isle of Wight County.
Description: 250 acres on the north side of Meherran River. Beg.g &c. by the side of the WHITEWOOD SWAMP; thence &c. by the side of the WOLF PITT BRANCH. (Lib of VA) NOTE: Arthur had a sister who was referred to as Sarah Braswell in their father's Southampton Co., VA will. Click here to view Robert Crocker's will abstract

Wright, John.
1 August 1734.
Location: Isle of Wight County.
Description: 285 acres on the north side of Meherrin River. Beg.g at the mouth of the WOLF PIT BRANCH, on the north west side of TARRAROE CREEK. (Lib of VA) NOTE: To show Wolf Pit Branch is adjacent to Tarrarroe Creek.

23 March 1715.
Location: Isle of Wight County.
Description: 82 acres on the south side of Nottaway River, and on the east side of TARRACOE CREEK. (Lib of VA)

William Cain sells the 82 acres on Sep 16, 1722:

1722 – September 16, WILLIAM CAINE to SIMON EVERITT...82(85?) acres on the south side of Nottoway River and the east side of Tarraroe Creek adjoining Sweat House Swamp. Wit: THOMAS (X) UNDERWOOD, THOMAS (X) GALE and THOMAS GALE, Jr. WILLIAM (X) CAINE Rec: 24 Sep 1722 (page 493, IOW Deeds, Wills – Great Book Vol 2 1715-1726)

On the SAME DAY William Cain Sr. is buying in Chowan:
Chowan deed Cl-319 #1521 Henry Sims of Albemarle Co. & wife Grace to William Caine (no residence given) 16 Sep 1722 8 pds 170 ac on northside of a branch of Yourah Swamp, part of 360 grant to Henry Sims 1 Mar 1719. Wit. Barnaby McKinne, Robert Sims. (BOOK CAIN)

Sarah Braswell Cain's bro in laws sell 150 acres of the 170 which belonged to their father William Sr: Compare with above deed.

Bertie Deed F-190 James Cain and Hardy Cain of Edg. to John Bass 16 Dec 1740 for 30 pds 150 ac on north side Roanock in Uraha woods; adj. William Thomas but now Edward Arpe, pat to Henry Sims for 360 ac 1 May 1719. Wit. Samuel Peete (Peek), John Edwards. (BOOK CAIN) Click here for more about Hardy Cain

The will of William Cain Sr. in 1732/3 in Bertie Co., NC names wife Elizabeth, children William , Hardy, James, Patience, Unis, Sary, Rachel. Wm Sr. bequeathed unto Wm Jr. 290 acres in his will.

Here is when he bought it:

Bertie Deed B-198 William Whitehead and wife Rachel to William Cain 6 Nov 1726 for 15 Pd:' 290 ac, part of pat. of 490 ac 16 Aug 1720 adj Thomas Bryant, sd Whitehead, William Benet (Bennet) . Wit. John Speir, George Powell. (BOOK CAIN)

He gives it to Wm Jr. in his will:

Sixthly It is my will and desire that my son William Cain should have a certain tract or parcel of land and plantation containing two hundred & ninety acres that I purchased of William Whitehead that my son William lately lived upon by him freely to be possed and enjoyed and his heirs or assigns forever.

William Cain Jr. sells it:

Vol III Bertie Co., NC Deeds (Bell) 1730-1739D-168 May 12, 1735 William Cain to Thomas Taylor "of Western Br of Elisabeth Riv, Virginia" for 18 pds., 290 AC Adj. William Bennett. Wts: J. Edwards, William Thomas May Crt, 1735. John Wynns, D.C/C

It is logical to speculate that the above Thomas Taylor would become the father in law of Hermon Strickland. However, it is more likely that Hermon Strickland's wife Elizabeth is the grand daughter of Thomas Taylor through one of his sons due to an 1820 deposition of a Mary Stricklin stating that Elizabeth Taylor was an only sister of Aaron Taylor and that she was the wife of Harman Stricklin.

Most researchers acknowledge that William Cain Jr. married Sarah Braswell due to a match in the Edgecombe County wills of William Cain Jr. who names wife Sarah & James Braswell who names daughter Sarah Cain.

William Cain Jr. & Sarah Braswell's sons Elisha, Archibald and William go to Orange/Chatham seemingly after their parents die. Elisha marries a daughter of Benjamin Blake and by so doing becomes a bro in law of Henry Braswell. Per Cain researchers William Cain III dies in Edgefield Co. SC.

William Cain Will: May 1796 Edgefield District, South Carolina; wife, Sarah, daughters, Sally Gaines & Barsheba Cain, son, William Cain, infant sons, Elisha & James Cain
Probate: Jul 1796 Edgefield District, South Carolina.

Elisha & James Cain are found in Jefferson Co., GA. in 1830 on the census. James Cain is found next door to James Brassell* (of the S/H DNA Group) Jefferson Co., GA 1840 James & Elisha on 1850** census Jefferson Co., GA. Both state Edgefield Co., SC as birthplace.

According to my genealogical calculations, the S/H DNA group descends from Susannah's son Richard, and the K/L DNA group descends from Susannah's son James. Therefore Elisha & James Cain, are believed to be great grandsons of James Braswell and cousins of James & Nathan Brassel in Jefferson Co., GA.

* Click here to see 1840 Census
** Click to see James Cain on 1850 Census

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