Thursday, March 13, 2008

Harley Bracewell Armstrong, daughter of William & Anny

Edge. Co Db 6, page 417, deed date ? May 1792, recorded May Ct 1792, William Bracewell, the elder, Edge. Co to Joseph Armstrong, Edge. Co for 100 pounds a tract of land on the south side of Tar River containing 223 acres beginning at a pine Edmund Clark's corner tree formerly William Deloach running then 238 poles to a red oak then north 200 poles to a maple standing in a branch then down the various courses of said branch to a pine standing where the path crosses the said branch at the Beaver Dam then south to the beginning, it being part of a tract granted by Earl Granville to Hardy Williams on the fourth day of Aug 1761, signed Wm. Bracewell, wit Benj. Dicken. Abstracted 4-24-04, NCA film C.037.40011, CTC.

Edge. Co Db 8, page 596, date of deed Nov 1796, date recorded Nov Ct. 1796, commissioners met and divided the lands of William Bracewell, dec'd among the lawful claimants, viz. Jacob Bracewell, Joseph Armstrong, William Clark, William Bracewell, the orphans of James Bracewell, dec'd, Isaac Bracewell, Solomon Bracewell, and Alexander Bracewell, orphan of William Bracewell, dec'd, containing 797 acres, beginning at a poplar in Hatcher's Swamp..........#5 to Joseph Armstrong, who married the daughter of William and given while he was still alive, containing 223 acres.....

ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH estate records; PETITION of Wells Draughon states that Joseph Armstrong died some time past intestate indebted to petitioner (Wells Draughon) by bonds of said Joseph Armstrong and Sampson Newsom, one bond dated 11 Mar 1818 for ($1000); another bond dated 11 Mar 1818 for $124; none of the next of kin would take administration of estate and administration was granted to Wells Draughon by May Ct. 1822, him being the greatest creditor of Joseph Armstrong; petitioner can not find enough personal property of said Armstrong to cover debts and asks court permission to sell real estate, heirs are William W. Armstrong, Thomas Armstrong of Edgecombe Co. and Francis L. Armstrong, resident of the state of Georgia. ANSWER of William W. Armstrong, one of the defendants to the petition of Wells Draughon as administrator of Joseph Armstrong; claiming that Draughon brought suit against Joseph Armstrong during his lifetime and suit was settled and debt satisfied, he also states that no land descended to him from his father, but that he did inherit a tract of land from his mother, Harley Armstrong, which descended to her from her father, signed William W. Armstrong. Joseph Armstrong file, NCA estate file.

Transcribed by Tommy Colbert

NOTE: Sampson Newsom married Peggy, the widow of James Bracewell dec'd.

William who married Anney is the son of Richard Bracewell III.